Monday, 9 May 2016

Weekly round up

Hi Everyone,

I cant believe where last week flow to. I have just had a wonderful weekend with a day out on Saturday to Bath with my lovely friend Emma we met through blog land a few years ago now I am sure she will write a blogpost about our lovely day out which included a spontaneous horse and carriage ride and a lovely picnic. Sunday was spent sorting out our lovely vintage caravan Bertie moving, cleaning and getting him ready to use I get such a buzz every time I open his door. To see photo's of him pop over to my instagram page  hazelmere dreaming where I shared his photo this morning :-)

So here is last week's weekly round up of photo's

Top left my crochet blanket made by my Aunty Phyllis who passed away last year I put on the ground and relaxed in the sunshine while the dogs slept reading my book. Milo my little man relaxing at the age of 10 weeks old :-) I like nothing better than crackers for lunch with butter on simple things really are the best to me, The joy of picking Blue bells from my paddock. Happiness for being able to hang my washing on a straight line for the first time in my life, and what is on my crochet hook right now my free style circle blanket :-)

Lovely morning walk, walking past the old church, primroses, wooden doors and my special, blind old girl Kia enjoying her walk.

And loving my Ex battery chickens who are bold no more :-)

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post and for reading my blog ramblings. I am sorry if I haven't got round to catching up with you yet I will do so sometime this week. I have my parents coming to stay so I may be a little quiet but I will try.

Have a lovely week everyone and enjoy this lovely sunshine while it lasts if you can.

Bye for now

Hugs dee xx


  1. I hope you have a lovely time with your family and the sun shines for you :-)

  2. I enjoy my peep into your world. Stay happy.

  3. Have a wonderful break with your family, hope the weather stays good for their visit. The hens really are looking good, they are obviously feeling loved. Take care.

  4. What a fab day it was. I'm still on a high especially from the carriage ride! We'll have do it again.
    Love the pics and the chooks are looking amazing.

  5. So many lovely pictures....I love the blanket your auntie made you, and your own new one too....and how healthy and happy your hens are looking now. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family this week Dee.
    Helen xox

  6. Sounds like a great day. The ladies are looking so healthy Dee, with all those feathers, wow!

  7. A day out with a blogger friend. And Bath. And a picnic. Sounds heaven.

  8. What a fab day you both had - glad you had some sunshine , too!
    The chickens are looking so healthy and your countryside vignette should be on a postcard! xxxx

  9. Lovely update Dee...your photos look beautiful. Can't believe how well your feathered girls are doing..they look great. You must be taking great care of them.

  10. Hey Dee. How's tricks. What cha up to?

  11. Hey Dee. Me again. How are things? Well I hope.x