Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Vintage Recyled Tin bowl pond building and the spuds are in

Hi Everyone,

what a lovely today its been today I have been busy outside all day in the sunshine. I woke up and thought it was going to rain today but no the sun has be shinning all day so I thought today is the day for planting my spuds. They have been in the pantry chitting for weeks now and now the days are getting warmer I needed to get them in. This is my first year for growing potatoes I grew some in a bag last year but this is my first time in the ground. I chose 2 different sorts First Early Casablanca and Desiree Maincrop which is a nice red spud.

First of all I dug little trenches 10cm deep and then put my seed potatoes in rows
Making sure each spud was roughly 70cm apart.

I then covered them over with soil into moulds and left enough earth either side to cover them over again when they start sprouting . Now I just have to sit back and wait and fingers crossed I will have a nice crop of spuds later in the year.

I also dug out another boarder in the vegetable patch, planted some strawberry plants and a black current plant  but forgot to take photo's of those. I also re potted up my vegetable plants in the greenhouse will talk about that another time.

At the weekend I decided to do some more work in my little garden I showed you last week. In the many sheds here I found a lovely old Vintage metal bowl and I thought I know I will turn into a little pond. Here's what I did..

One vintage metal bowl, some broken terracotta pots some large stones and some wild garlic and water buttercup I pinched from the local lake I know it was naughty.

I added one of the stones to the bowl in the centre I then used one of the broken terracotta pots to poke the buttercup through and to retain the roots I then put that on top of the stone, filled the bowl up with rain water.

I then dug up some wild primula plants from the paddock put those around it with a large log behind put some large stones around and also dug another broken terracotta pot into the ground and planted another wild plant into it.

And I have to say I love it and it cost nothing yet another great little recycled project :-)

Loving my little garden its nice to have an area away from all the land

I popped my little eucalyptus tree in the corner by my little wooden crate I just want to find an old mirror for this space now.

And this is it from a different angle now to find a mirror to go on the wall and to buy some stone to go in the area by the drain and then I have a lovely little natural garden.

On a different subject my chickens have come so far in the 6 weeks they have been with me they have feathered up well now and you wont believe the transformation in my little Rosie and Bluebell. My ex battery girls are amazing, so full of character they seem to blossom daily and they are so funny to and relaxing to be round and they are getting very tame to as you can see here...

 My beautiful little Rosie is bold no more :-) She was the first girl they handed to me on homing day she has a special place in my heart. She comes and sits next to me when I ever I sit down in their enclosure and will now hop onto my lap when its time for their lunch time snack. I haven't stroked her yet as I want her confidence to grow and for her to feel safe with me. She is also into the habit of playing with my hair to as is Poppy.

As you can see from this photo they are getting very friendly snack time is the best time. Poppy is on my left, Rosie in the middle on my lap, Bluebell the other bold girl to my right and Boss Marigold is on my lower legs. Can you believe the transformation in just 6 weeks :-) I love them all dearly so much so I submitted my application form to the British Hen Welfare Trust and I have been excepted to become a Poorly Hen Carer volunteer :-)

 This means that I will look after and nurse back to health some of their really poorly girls that cant go to new homes just yet on re homing day. Problems for these girls can range from extremely under weight or poorly feathered hens ( Oven Readies ) to limpers, bruising and occasional fractures and sometimes they may be permantely disabled and need life long care. Once they are well enough they will then be found forever homes and I will then take on some more to nurse.  I just need to clear out and convert the bottom half of the large shed into a safe nursing area for them before I can rescue them the next rehoming day is 24th April it would be great to be ready for that date. The shed is full of tools and furniture that the landlord needs to clear so fingers crossed it can be sorted ready for this date.

And that's it from me from for another week I have lots more jobs plans for the garden this week so fingers crossed it stays dry. Oh one last thing I found an old small metal watering can in my greenhouse so I turned it into something...

Hung it in one of the Trees put some moss inside and turned it into a nesting house, hopefully the blue tits will nest in it the hole is big enough :-)

Thank you again for all your lovely comments and for taking the time to read my little ramblings.

Until next time bye for now

dee xx


  1. All looking fab, lovely. We got the spuds in last weekend; we go with Desiree too as it's such a good cropper. Love the bowl pond too. Funnily enough, I was thinking of making one with a tin bath that's going spare. You've inspired me! The girls are looking great for some TLC.
    Talk soon.

  2. That photo of you and the chicks is just wonderful, you need to print it off and frame it!
    Love the pond. Those two lovely days we had last week spurred me on to tackle a bit of our garden, your lovely planting ideas are going to inspire me when I do more. xxx

  3. Love the little bits you are doing in the garden, still working on our garden this year I want to make headway with it all :-)

  4. I can not believe the transformation in those girls of yours, what a wonderful job you have done with them. Loved the pond idea, another great project you really are making your mark it all looks amazing.

  5. What a kind soul you are Dee.....your chickens are looking great...they are lucky to have found you. I had to stop naming my feathered girls as I get so upset when they die. Isa browns have quite a short life span compared to other breeds....good luck with your spuds, thankfully they are one of the easier things to grow. Enjoy.

  6. Came in from Vixen. Hope all is well. Not sure if hubby and i are going to plant potatoes or not.
    But he did start some tomatoes and pepper seeds.
    If you find the time stop on in for a cup of coffee

  7. It's all coming together nicely for you, you must be so happy, I would love to live in a house and spot like yours, bliss. What a kind thing to do for the hens xx

  8. Wonderful post, Dee. Yes the photo of you and the chooks is great! Loving your little garden, coming on a treat! Seed potatoes are something I am buying today or at the weekend. Hope I can get the second earlies in in time to have some in the summer. I really hope to plant outside but may have to do in bags.x

  9. Seeing you plant your potatoes reminds me to get mine in this week!
    Its wonderful that you are taking care of ex battery hens and seeing the change and improvements in them must be so rewarding. Great bit of recycling with the old enamel bowl!
    Gill xx

  10. I love reading your posts - they are so relaxing and uplifting. Your chooks are so lucky to have been rescued by you. M x

  11. I love that wee pond! so adorable! I love wild garlic! I had my first taste of it this week so i am now a firm advocate haha :)
    The chooks are looking amazing! What a transformation :) xx

  12. I'm a bit scared of chooks Dee, but yours (and you) look lovely x

  13. I think it sounds like a fabulous week Dee. The girls are looking fantastic, hardly recognizable from the first photos you blogged about. Love your upcycled project.

  14. Yet another great post! The chucks are looking very happy indeed. It must be so comforting to know what you've saved them from :)