Wednesday, 13 April 2016

I have joined Instagram

Hi Everyone,

thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my last post and for those that stop by and read my ramblings. I am enjoying my time here at the cottage so very much I am spending my days outside there is so much to be done here from digging, planting and sowing  and knocking down old sheds and building new gardens, tending to my vegetable patch looking after my chickens and hounds.  I am finding that at the moment I don't want to be inside sat at a computer I want to be outside with my hounds and my chickens and being close to nature. I still want to be part of blog world and want to keep sharing my journey I tend to fight against the changes in technology and I kept hearing people talking about Instagram and saying you should join up so the day before yesterday I did just that while sitting having my lunch in the garden. I was really shocked at how simple it was and how really lovely it was being able to view peoples photo's and lives in a more simple way and less time consuming way to and also being able to view photo's like one huge collage almost. I thought it would be a silent place but have realised that you can add words, leave comments and interact in a similar way you can here except you cant ramble away with lots of words and its harder to show before and after photo's. But it looks like its a nice place to be in and I for one am happy to be part of it for now. I will still post here on my blog when the weather is bad and also when I feel I need to but just for now while Spring is here and Summer waiting in the wings you will be able to find me here in my other little space


 just sharing daily photo's and moments of my day. It may take me a little while to get the hang of it but please pop over and say hello leave me a comment so I can come over to yours to, as that is the only thing I am finding difficult finding others in blogland other there.

Picked these lovely celandines across the fields on my morning walk yesterday just a beautiful sunny yellow they always remind me the warmer weather will soon be here.

And while the sun is shinning I am off to enjoy it.  We pulled down the first log shed last night and I have lots of wood, metal and tree to drag onto the fire and the metal to get ready on the pile for the scrap metal man to collect and vegetable plants to pot on :-)

Nearly down

Gone at last and now look at the beautiful view that we can see this area is where the decking is going with our table and chairs so we can watch the sunset.

Hope to see you in Instagram :-) be lovely to see you there.

Take lots of care

Bye for now dee xx


  1. I joined IG recently too
    I will search you out ... M x

  2. Dee, I couldn't agree more about technology. I tend to have a rant now and again about that (including the fact that my laptop updated us to Windows 10 without asking me - I changed it back!). I cancelled both my Twitter and Facebook accounts around 18 months ago or more; I came to the conclusion that I really disliked the instantaneous life we are able to live and I didn't want to do that. I LOVE writing letters and post a couple plus at least one postcard every week. I hope I have less time to blog soon when I can be busy in my greenhouse, too, but the last couple of days I have been working in the garden and loving the little difference I have made in the grand scheme of things.(Sorry, I didn't mean this to go on for so long!!) I am super interested in what everybody is getting up to, especially when I am often looking for advice, hints and tips. The view you now have is akin to when we took down the 16 foot high wood store that was smack bang in the middle of our garden. Enjoy!xx

  3. No Instagram for me - I hope you'll keep in touch via Facebook instead! Keep up the good work. xxx

  4. My blog each year I create into a year book, something to look back on. Glad you are staying with your blog, it is nice to read your feeling regarding your life around your photos.

  5. Amazing what knocking down a log shed can do. Such a stunning view and perfect for sitting and watching those sunsets.

  6. I've just joined myself, still setting things up. On my way to visit you.

  7. I'm not on instagram either so I'll hopefully keep up on Facebook. x

  8. Dee, can't seem to get to your Instagram account.

  9. Hi Dee, just coming back to you quickly as you may still be at your tomputer! When you started growing your things this year how often do you water things? I have my seeds as you have seen in the conservatory and it is so hot at some times so I am watering the seeds twice a day. Is this ok? I use a prayer most of the time and then water more thoroughly every other day or so. I'm SO nervous I will kill everything before I start!x

  10. You have been busy. No Instargram for me, I am still tied to this blog of mine.

  11. Hi Dee, I will look you up on IG ! My username is lucys_cottage xx