Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Vintage Prints and a homely week.

Hi everyone,

thank you for all your lovely kind comments on my last post I really do appreciate them all. I am pleased to say that Marigold, Poppy, Rosie and Bluebell are all doing well and have started to grow new feathers already and both Rosie and Bluebell are covered in black spikes which is amazing considering they were bold just 2 weeks ago I will try and get some photo's this week and share them with you next week. Marigold has given us her first ever 2 free range eggs the past 2 days she was so funny on Sunday. I walked down to them and I could hear the neighbours cockerel way across the fields in the distance and the girls were making such a racket Marigold especially I went up to her and looked at her bottom and thought your going to lay an egg, she stuck her beak in the air and walked straight past me into the house and when I checked later in the plastic boxes outside was an Egg :-) Love these girls so much already with their quirky characters.

Clever Girl
This past week I have been busy sorting out the vegetable patch. I have now dug up all my carrots and couldn't believe how many I still had tucked down in the ground and also the rest of my leeks.
One thing I do know is that I can grow carrots in this little vegetable patch and leeks :-) Hopefully this years growth will be just as promising once I get sowing and  planting this month.

Clean and a monster pile of carrots. They have now been peeled, chopped and blanched and are currently in the freezer for when I need them. The smaller ones I roast whole which are so tasty. Although my leeks are small  I am really pleased with the amount of white on them. Not bad for my first half year of growing :-)
Some of the carrots and leeks also went into a batch of vegetable soup for my lunch for the week
This past week also saw me making some blackberry jam from my own fruit plant that I grow in my old garden last year the berries were huge and I couldn't keep up with the amount of fruit it produced I made crumbles and the rest went into the freezer. But this week I managed to make a few much needed jars of Jam.

Which is now in the pantry and really I need to start clearing the freezer as will need it for this years fruit.

I also made a batch of cheese scones this week which were so tasty and light.
It really has been a lovely homely week. A few weeks ago I met up with my bestie and we popped to town and visited a couple of charity shops which isn't something I do much of anymore, every weekend in the last few years has been taking up traveling to different towns searching for Vintage goodies to keep and sell. How different my life is now :-) But I found a gorgeous1970's  print by an artist who was unknown to me Andres Orpinas.
A little brief History on this artist
Andres Orpinas is a fine art artist who was born in Chile. He started learning art at a very young age out of his passion for art. He studied with some of Chile’s big names in art. Andres later joined Academia de Bellas Arts in Santiago, Chile. In 1962, he moved to the United States. He continued creating art and taking his pieces to different galleries and collectors as a way to market his skills. Andres won the admiration of many and his work began to find their way to different galleries. His mastery of color and brush art has enabled him to capture his subjects through the realist style. He portrays romantic landscapes in a way that’s capable of captivating his viewers and giving them a mental adventure into the peaceful environments away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

I fell in love with the print right there in the shop its not my usual style but there was a simplicity to the picture that captured my heart and soul it kind of reflected where I am in my own life currently and the path we are taking.  I also love the bamboo frame.
If you click on the image it will appear larger for you. I love the shadowed affect to the picture, the little boy with his fishing rod and basket just waiting and looking over at the old barn I wonder what he's waiting for? The sense of peace and quite the day just starting full of hope, and promise. I don't know what the print is called but if you google his name the other pictures he painted are just stunning I love the children illustration's best.  
I am now going to see if I can find some others to buy I was very lucky as this print only cost me £2.50
We took a lovely few hours off on Sunday and went to the beach one of our favourite spots and the dogs love to run around on the soft sand.
Ship wrecks, shells, rippling sand, wooden paths, happy dogs just heaven.
And that's it from me for another week,
Take lots of care until next time
Hugs dee xx


  1. You have done really well with your veg, your scones look really yummy although I prefer plain scones :-)

  2. Ooh Dee your scones! Nom nom! I love leeks and sweet little carrots sound so tasty.x

  3. Those scones had my mouth watering and I am now going to pop into the kitchen and make a batch. Thrilled the girls have settled in and are now producing for you, what a thrill.

  4. You have had a very productive time x

  5. Sounds a very productive and contented kind of week. Those scones look wonderful and your leek and carrot harvest does you proud. Our leeks are never 'fat' but they are extremely tasty fresh from the garden.

  6. You must be feeling very proud ... your girls are now thriving, your first egg and lovely veg nurtured by you. AND, you obviously make delicious scones! M x

  7. Blimey lovely, you've been hard at it; I love seeing a nice pile of leeks fresh out of the ground...not sure why leeks specifically. Maybe it's a Welsh thing ;)or maybe because they taste perfect when they're home grown. We just put our plant sin at the allotment. Pleased to hear the ladies have settled in and they'll be a mass of feathers before you know where you are.
    That's such a calming print isn't it. Reminds me of a summers day with not much to do.
    Have a fab rest of week and see you soon!!

  8. How lovely to see such healthy veg, happy chickens, tasty jam and delicious scones! I'm looking forward to having some more weeks like that now I've finished cleaning, decluttering and re decorating! :)

  9. Such a lovely homely post, Dee. Your veggie soup and chees scones look delicious, and your vegetable patch got off to a great start. I look forward to seeing what you grow this season and to hearing about your hens too....wonderful to hear they are already laying eggs for you. Wishing you a sunny week enjoying all your happy country times.
    Helen xox

  10. Those scones look gorgeous and I'm very impressed with your carrots and leeks.
    I'm delighted to hear that the girls have settled down and have the beginning of feathers to prove it. xxx

  11. Your veggies, scones, jam and soup look delicious and now free range eggs too .... you've cracked country living big style :-)

    Glad the girls are settling in well, with warmer weather just around the corner they will soon be fully feathered and looking as good as they no doubt feel, now that they have their freedom and a good home.

  12. Well done, Marigold!
    You are a domestic goddess, Dee - soup with homegrown veg, jam and scones, I'm so impressed! xxx

  13. You've been so busy, Delia. And productive. It's the spirit of spring :-)

  14. I am stopping over for a bite of that soup and to chat with those lovely ladies of yours.
    Hugs to you,