Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Dee Dees Vegetable Patch plans for 2016 and the Girls

Hi everyone,

what a gorgeous morning Sun is shining again although its a bit nippy yet still. Its been a wonderful weekend of warm sunshine that enabled us to be out working in the garden all weekend. I have managed to dig over and weed my whole vegetable patch and its all ready now to start sowing and planting of which I have started. My husband decided as the sun was shinning to start building our log store so we can knock down the 3 falling down sheds he used posts and fence panels which were being thrown away by a friend of his will show it next time though as I need to give it a coat of paint. Talking of paint yesterday armed with a tin of blue paint I managed to get the whole fence's painted that are the boundary to our back garden back and front it took me 4.5 hours and it looks great only trouble is I have to paint it all again today as it needs a second coat but boy do I ache everywhere I have a condition called fibromyalgia but I cant give in to it but I have been pushing myself to my limits the past few days trying to get things done. Come the evening I cant move and my body is on fire and feel like I am encased in cement.  But I wake up see the sun shining and I push myself hard to get going as I don't want to waste a minute. I do rest to when im pushing my mind and my body wont do as its told but i appreciate everything i manage to do :-) But anyway that's enough of that.

Here is my plan for planting, ( click in the photo it will appear larger ) my first whole year of being able to plan from the start. Last year if you remember I managed to get my vegetable patch started half way through the year and I also took on an allotment space I have given this space back now as I cant manage two areas. So I am very excited to be able to sow everything from seed to and with my mended greenhouse ( I now have glass in every space and no holes :-) I have been able to plan and sow using this to.

This is the bottom of my patch as you come through the gate. I  am really excited to be able to grow potatoes this time I tried on a tiny scale last year. I currently have chitting First Early Casablanca and Main crop Desiree.

I will be growing 2 sorts of carrots Rainbow mix for a bit of fun and then Autumn King Carrots. First time for me this year will be growing Cauliflowers and I have decided to try snowball. And also Leeks giant winter variety.

Then at the top of my patch Pea's are now in 2 rows I have chosen and already sowed direct into the ground Pea's Meteor and also a box of marrowfat super market pea's which is going to be an experiment to see which grow and taste the better after a man down the allotment says he always grows these marrowfat peas and never buys the seed ones.

These cost about 50p and you get loads so it will be fun seeing them grow.

I will  be growing in my vegetable patch

 French climbing beans,
Perpetual Spinach,
 Spring onions
Italian Lettuce
Red Hearted Gem Lettuce
Greyhound Cabbage
Golden Acre Cabbage

In the greenhouse growing this year I will have

Peppers sweet pointed
4 different sorts of tomatoes
Water melon
Melba Melon

I am excited about growing sweetcorn or corn on the cob its a stunning looking plant and tasty to.

I have already sown direct into the ground  Leeks, lettuces, cabbage golden acre, and peas.

In the green house last month I sowed Cucumbers, Tomatoes, cauliflowers, spinach and greyhound Cabbage. These are coming on slowly.

I have sown everything on my list apart from the carrots, sweetcorn , water melon and lentils will be doing those in the coming weeks although the sweetcorn has to be done in April.

I am really excited about having a full year and having the greenhouse this time to has enabled me to grow and sow more and im hoping that the plants I will be leaving in there ie tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and melon will give me a good harvest this time. I am excited about trying to grow Melons to :-)

Looking lovely and tidy and ready for the year ahead :-) My little gate will be getting a lick of paint later today and then I have to sort out the path but think I may just leave it and let the grass come back.

As promised in last weeks post i wanted to show you the progress of my battery hen girls they are doing well my poor 2 that looked almost oven ready when i collected them 3 weeks ago. Rosie and Bluebell have come on so far and i cant believe it to be honest. That first week was so hard and i was with them all the time. But just look at what love, light, warmth and good food can do :-)

Bluebell is now looking amazing and has had the fastest growth and she seems to have grown in height and size to. She is a frightened little girl though everything seems to make her jump bless her.

My little Rosie my first ever Hen and the first one they put into my arms on homing day and my little favourite girl well her and Poppy.

If you click on the photo's they will appear larger for you. My little Rosie the last 2 photo's were taken this morning she is a little sweetheart with the sweetest nature. She now eats from my hand well her and Poppy do and this morning she came and sat next to me :-) I love her and the others so much who ever thought chickens could creep into your heart so quickly. I have been given them a few black sunflower seeds every afternoon as i was told it was good to encourage feather growth well something has certainly been working.

Leave you all with a little selfie of Rosie and myself soaking up the sunshine this morning and my new best friend :-)

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post i have a bit of catching up to do this week with other peoples posts but for know the sun is calling me and so is that paint brush.

Take lots of care

Until next time by for now

Hugs dee xx


  1. Hi Dee, please don't push yourself too hard and make yourself ill. You have inspired me though, I have been digging and weeding the garden ready to plant.....guess what......Dahlias!
    The hens look like they are doing well too.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. It's lovely when the sun shines to get out and about in the garden. You seem ready for the growing year ahead. Enjoy.

  3. Wow, you really have been working, be careful not worth making yourself ill for. The hens really are coming on amazing what a bit of TLC will do. A truly inspirational post, I really must get my finger out.

  4. You are working so hard but boy, looking at those photos it sure is worth it!
    Those little chickens are just so sweet and lovely, lavished with love and attention after a poor start in life. xxxx

  5. Oh wow you have so much planned for your garden this year. I'm cutting back due to time. I've grown the rainbow mixed carrots before in troughs. Very tasty they are too xx

  6. Your hard work at this time of year will pay you back all through the year. I'm glad to see the chickens improving, they were in a terrible state when you brought them home.

  7. Enjoy putting the sunshine to good use but don't push yourself too hard.x

  8. Wow ... you have been busy, well done you. Don't forget you have the whole of Spring and Summer ... don't push yourself too hard all at once, it's so easy to do. Better to find a pace that keeps you feeling good and leaves yo able to enjoy everything you do.

    The girls are looking so much better already, it just shows what space, good food and lots of love can achieve. It's good that you are keeping a photographic record of them, they will be just like 'normal' chickens soon, which is what every chickens deserves to be ;-)

  9. You are very organised, it is lovely to see the Chickens, I bet they are so happy xx

  10. Wonderful. I hope you'll show us the garden growing in the coming months.

  11. Aw, your chickens are looking transformed! What a lovely thing to see!
    Your veggie garden is going to be amazing. Go easy on the hard work. It's not a race! xxx

  12. My goodness but you put me to shame. I'll enjoy seeing how those peas grow - even as I type I am thinking about a packet which is sitting in the pantry, may just give it a go. Your little hens are really coming on, I love ex battery hens. We have had two lots so far, really wonderful characters and great layers, too.

  13. Love seeing your chickens. So very excited as Jon has it in his head to get the chicken house built soon, which means we will have our OWN girls. To say I am excited is the most huge of understatements!!x

  14. You vegie garden plans look great Dee .. also so glad the rescue chickens are going ok... they are lucky girls to have you caring for them x

  15. Its such an exciting time of year with plans for the veggie plot, and yours all sounds and looks so well organised! Nothing like a list of the veg you plan to grow! Sounds like you have loads happening and lots of hard work, and how lovely to have your own hens.
    Am so thrilled of you that you are now living the good life and look forward to following you on your new adventure!
    Gill xx