Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Our cosy cottage vintage style Bedroom transformation

Hi Everyone,

can't believe another week has flown past its been a windy, wet, muddy and boggy one here the greenhouse is under water again after the storm last night and the stream at the bottom of the paddock is raging when its normally empty or just happily trickling along. The snowdrops and daffodils are appearing everywhere around the grounds up here and that's a cheerful and lovely sight if you can look at them and not the mud and boggy ground. I keep thinking spring isn't far away now get February over with not that I am wishing time away at all but the dryer, warmer and brighter nights will be very welcome right now.  Exciting news here my little ex battery girls will be arriving a week on Saturday and I cant wait to go and pick them up and meet them. So its all hands on deck this weekend to build the hen house and get the enclosure built so they will hopefully have a safe and secure place to roam around. I have a swing idea to build and also a stepping stone out of logs and also a dusty bath for them to enjoy. Will share the building plans next time, tonight my husband and myself are going to be armed with a paintbrush as we paint the house a lovely sunburst yellow before putting it all together :-)  Today I wanted to share our finished bedroom make over with you, its been a finished a few weeks now although there is another picture yet to hang but I love the peacefulness of the room and hope you will like it to.  But before I get the pretty part here's the before photo's.

If you click on the photo's they will appear larger

The bedroom had wallpaper on the walls which actually I didn't mind it been there for at least 40 years along with the carpet on the floor unfortunately I didn't manage to get a photo of the carpet as it was ripped up to help air the house. There were some impressive cobwebs everywhere especially in the window see top right. As you can see from the floor they must have had a rug in the middle of the room and had painted the outside as carpet was a luxury item back then.

As you can see here we set to stripping the floor and also the paint off all the woodwork this included skirting boards and doors masks were needed as there was lead in the paint and it gave me a terrible headache the first day. The floor took a while but with a handheld powerful electric sander used by my husband it started coming up a treat.

I found 2 rolls of vintage 70's wallpaper a while ago and new I wanted this is as my backdrop and colour pallet for the room its so pretty and although its not my usual style I thought it would be perfect for the style of the house.

Remember those crochet squares I showed you a few months back they were pale pinks, lilacs and blues and I said it wasn't my usual bright colour pallet and that I was struggling with them a bit well I finished it and it's also part of the main colour focus for the room and I really love it now and think it works lovely in the finished room.

Its folded up at the end of the bed and used as a runner or rolled out if its cold at night. What do you think?

Now time to step through the bedroom door

As you can see the sanded floor came up lovely we just gave it a few coats of clear varnish as I loved the natural lightness. My lovely 40's wardrobe which gave the men kittens so to speak trying to get it up the steep and narrow staircase sits perfect in the alcove and is house to my vintage suitcases.

We decided to not knock back into the chimney wall and reveal the chimney hole we added the 70's wallpaper as a main focal point teamed it with one of my Veron ward Bird prints, my little old 40's wooden table and few little knickknacks. To the right side of the chimney wall sits my 40's wooden dressing table I have had these a few years now in fact when I split up from my boys dad it was the first item I bought all on my own it cost me £60 and I put a deposit on and the kind man let me come back 2 months later when I had saved up enough money to buy it :-)  You can just see some white patterned lace curtains at the window to soften up the room. We painted the walls a soft rose.

The wooden shelf in the corner by my dressing table used to be on the landing in my old house but this time I thought it would look really sweet by my dressing table. It holds my collection of Enid Blyton and ladybird books some of the Enid books were mine from when I was little.

My little 50's cream bedside table sits to the left side of the bed with my Sara Moon print on the wall above. The embroidered cushions that sit on the bed were made by my lovely mum. And the little one I made using up some of my vintage 70's sheets.  The candlewick bedspread used to belong to one of my mums neighbours lovely Nurse Mansel sadly she passed away last year. It had never been used and I love the colours and I know she would love to know I was actually using it.

As you can see the ceiling no longer harbours any black or damp and I love the shapes I hung a pink 60's fibre plastic lampshade  which is actually a shade that's in the paper. As you can see up stairs we stripped the door of its paint back to the dark wood underneath and just coated it with clear varnish.

My little 50's white and gold etched ottoman sits on the wall as you come into the room it houses our blankets. Sitting on top is another embroidered cushion made by my mum a vintage patchwork one made by myself and my old family teddy, Rupert the bear and doll.

I made the patch work quilt a few years ago from my little stash of vintage 70's bed sheets, and it used to be in my summerhouse, but I felt the colours blended in really well to the room and I love seeing it every day.

All that's still waiting to be hung is this lovely vintage flamingo tapestry I found on one of my hunting trips a couple of years ago its going next to my ottoman.

I love the room its much larger than our old bedroom. My 2 favourite things is opening the blind at the window first thing in the morning and looking across at the fields and skyline of trees and if the sun is coming up you can just see it through the trees and the lights that it casts and the colours is truly beautiful. I also love looking up at the ceiling and looking at the shapes of the ceiling silly I know but simple pleasures are indeed just that.

Hope you have enjoyed the little tour around today. I ordered a lovely book and it arrived yesterday and I am loving the story so far all about a lady who rescued her first ex battery girls and her journey and experiences with them its really delightful the antics they got up to and where it led her to and also all the tips of looking after and caring for these girls. I found she has a blog to if you want to have a read you can find it here.

And that's it from me for another week. Thank you again for all the lovely comments and for those that just stop by for a read I really do appreciate it.

Enjoy the rest of your week

Until next time bye for now

dee xx


  1. Oh Wow Dee, the room is gorgeous
    Julie xxxxx

  2. The room looks absolutely charming, and the throw is lovely. Well done.

  3. You would have laughed at me - when I saw you had posted a new edition to the house transformation, I actually did an excited little clap!! I'm loving what you're doing with the cottage and get cross at having to wait a week each time to see what you've done next :)

  4. oh wow it all looks so pretty :) i adore that crochet blanket, and the patchwork quilt is to die for!

    I'm also wishing for spring too, i did manage to get the blankets in the wash, on the line and dried within a few hours today, which was such a nice change :) xx

  5. A fantastic transformation, you've created a wonderfully cosy room with your impeccable taste. I love the tapestry and the quilt and crochet blanket are stunning. xxx

  6. It's wonderful, very cosy looking. I have the same Enid Blyton books from my childhood too x

  7. adorable. lovely bedroom. i have the same rupert bear!!

  8. Just perfect and your granny blanket is the finishing touch. Well done again.

  9. "Windy, wet, muddy, boggy" Lucky you Dee! Here it has been hot, hot, HOT! We've had four days in the forties (one real stinker of 42 degrees. That's celsius btw!)
    I love your pretty bedroom and your Enid's look lovely all lined up in a row x

  10. It's all coming together beautifully, and it's as though all your lovely vintage things were just waiting for the right place to look their best and they really do in this house :-)

    When you make your henhouse, try and have as few joins and gaps as possible, that way the dreaded red mite will be easier to get rid of if you get them this Summer. They love layers, cracks and crevices to hide in during the day and then come out to make your hens lives a misery at night. I can't wait to see your birds when you get them, good luck.

  11. I love your crochet blanket it looks perfect, what a gorgeous tranquil room you have made. x

  12. I loved the tour, everything looks fantastic. That crochet blanket is just perfect.
    Hugs to you,

  13. Lovely to see how your home is coming along

  14. It's looking really pretty, I think I remember your lovely patchwork, did you post about it when you made it?

  15. What a gorgeous bedroom, Dee - a wonderful transformation, and a cosy, warm little haven you have made too! Xx

  16. Looking good! A home made with love - and it shows. Your bookcase contains all those Enid Blyton books which I loved so much as a child, then I had the pleasure of reading them to my own children.

  17. The room looks so pretty now! A job well done.

  18. Aw Dee, It's so pretty and homely. A real labour of love but it must be so delightful to see all your treasures displayed! xx