Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Good life has started

Hi everyone,

wow I cant believe we are into 2016 already last year flow by so quickly I am determined this year not to blink :-) I am sorry I haven't been around for a while its been a very busy few months for us. We finely moved into our little 1950's cottage a week before Christmas and its been a magical and difficult time to with private health concerns over my youngest son.

But Hazelmere our dream home is now our living reality :-) We first saw our new home back in February last year and its a been an emotional roller coaster to get were we are now. I cant believe that by simply asking if we could rent this gorgeous empty house set us onto a wonderful journey and lives dream.  We had 6 weeks to make it livable from the time we were given the exciting news that it was ours to rent for the next few year. So as you already know my husband and myself set about decorating it and ridding it of damp every spare waking moment of our time was taken up. But we have finely completed 2 rooms our living room which is what I wanted to share with you today.

So step into Hazelmere

 Living Room when we first saw it in February 2015

And in November 2015 when we started stripping everything  down

We took all the wallpaper off the walls which was damp and mouldy and stripped all the paint off the woodwork.

We took up the carpet and sanded the floor and painted the walls and ceiling and all the wood work the walls are painted a soft rose and the woodwork is painted an almond colour. We sanded the main windowsill and put clear varnish on it. We then put some Vintage 70's wallpaper on the long wall and the chimney wall. And kept the original 50's fireplace which I have to say is so lovely and cosy when lit.

We kept the ceilings original and once we had cleaned all the damp off they were treated and then painted and I love looking up and seeing the little flat beams.

I actually had 8 full roles of this lovely 70's wallpaper my husband who is a professional painter and decorator said it was the worst paper he had ever used it was so thin but bless him he got it up and on those walls :-)

And then we moved all our things in and here is our lovely front room now. Our lovely little cottage Vintage/Retro style ;-)

We adore being in this room its so cosy and the little window by the swing chair always gets the sun shinning through well when its out either that or the moon which I love :-)

And here is the fire lit over Christmas another little dream of having an open fire now fulfilled and even though my hands always seem to be black from the coal or newspaper I just love it :-)

The metal coal bucket and the tools we saved from the coal shed outside :-)

And then there is my pantry oh my goodness I cant tell you how good it is to have one :-) To walk in and see everything standing to attention and being able to see what you have food wise instead of it being hidden away in a cupboard is brilliant I think every home should have one I am pretty sure it will help keep the food bill down to.

So again before photo's for you

This is when we first saw it back in February 2015.

I stripped it and repainted the walls a lovely primrose yellow and then my husband lined the shelves with red and white polka dot sticky back plastic we put a black and white chequered floor down and.....

I have filled it with all my vintage Taunton Vale Jars, bread bins and cakes tins, food and my chutney and jams I made last year I love it :-) And get great pleasure just walking in  I know I am pretty sad but I know your understand what I mean :-)

And next week I will share our lovely bedroom and our dining room which is getting its little finished make over my lovely vintage bold 70s wallpaper went up on the walls last night :-)

Here is a sneaky peak of it

And that's it from me I will be popping over and catching up with your blogs over the next few weeks. This year is going to be an exciting adventure for us hope you will enjoy reading the journey with us as we take our first steps into living our country cottage life dream.

Happy new year to everyone that takes the time to read and here's hoping your year is a magical one filled with joy, peace and love. And wishing that you achieve your dreams this year also.

Best wishes Dee xx


  1. Well you dream certainly came true Dee.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh my! I am Pea green with envy, the whole place is GORGEOUS! It's absolutely stunning, and you've certainly put your own stamp on it, i lov the vintage/retro look, and you've made it work so well :)
    I'm very much looking forward to reading how you get on xx

  3. I do understand exactly what you mean about the pantry and all your lovely vintage things in mother had some of the exact same things in her pantry, and I would love to have them now, they would suit our 1950s house very well. You must be so happy now.

  4. I'm so pleased for you and your family. Live that dream.

  5. It is looking so wonderful, the lounge is really homely, so warm and welcoming. An amazing difference all your hard work has paid off. I dream of one day having a pantry.

  6. All looking fab love as I knew it would. I can't believe it was back last summer when we were on the station at Bath talking about whether you'd get the house or not...I think we both knew you would! It's like it's always been your home. Can't wait to see more. Lots of love.xxxx

  7. Your home is lovely, well done on achieving so much so quickly.

  8. Happy New Year lovely lady! Bless you, Tis looking fabulous! I hope you're very happy in your lovely new dream home. :)
    I hope family life sorts itself out soon for you all.
    Big hugs x

  9. You are not sad Dee, you are lovely. And so is Hazelmere - it's scrubbing up very nicely indeed. What a lucky old house to have you two to give it some tlc.
    I hope your boyo is ok.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Kylie, its lovely to hear from you hope all is well with you, x

  10. it looks wonderful Dee. well done to you both! That is quite a project. Lizzie xxx

  11. Dee, I have just found your blog through Our Quiet Life In Suffolk.I can hardly breathe looking at your photos.I LOVE your living room and pantry. We also moved into our dream home in September but are lucky enough now to have bought it in December, after some difficulty (massive understatement if you saw from my previous blog!) I will be following you now. You have taste very similar to mine and mu husband. I am just getting over the possibility that we have lost all of our before pictures as we had a LOT of renovating to make our home as it is now. Still hoping, though! Look forward to more posts!x

  12. Hi Dee - it is looking lovely! I am loving following your Hazelmere journey. I have a huge case of 'pantry envy' though!! I can never find anything in our food cupboards.
    I hope your little man is ok and I hope you have a very happy and healthy new year. M x
    PS: Can you put me on the waiting list for your Christmas fair please?

  13. Oh Dee, your little house looks FABULOUS :) I love your lounge and pantry. Hurrah for all that vintage stuff you have collected, it looks perfect. I hope you had a good Christmas x

  14. just found your blog. Looks like you are going great guns. Your house looks how children draw houses. 4 windows and a door. Sure looks charming.

  15. What a fantastic job, what a wonderful home you have made, by the way I have serious pantry envy x

  16. I know it might sound weird but when we sat having lunch in Bath and you were talking about the house I just KNEW it would be yours. It is utterly perfect. x x

  17. Thank you for sharing. A wonderful transformation. And I know exactly what you mean about your pantry! We always used to have pantries, such a useful little room.

  18. Dee Dee, check out this! pop it in your browser and sigh!

  19. It looks fantastic. I am keeping your son in my positive thoughts as you know I have a son that worries me to death, it is hard when you can only help so much.

  20. Just found your blog. Love the decor - fantastic.

  21. How wonderful for you, Dee. A new year in a new house and it all looks so nice. I hope your son is on the mend.

  22. I am totally in love with your pantry!!! Want, want, want one :)

  23. First time to your blog...your new house looks gorgeous...I'm sure you will spend many happy times there.

  24. Oh WOW!!

    You're not sad over the pantry at all, if I came to visit, you would have to serve me coffee in there I couldn't bear to leave it, I am totally jealous.

    It's looking amazing, and although our styles are completely different what you are doing now is where we started out eight years ago in a rented farmhouse that we had to renovate and decorate from top to bottom.

    I can't wait to follow your progress, all the very best. xx

  25. Apologies I must of unfollowed you by mistake! Congrats on moving I bet your really happy x

  26. Aw Dee, it's GORGEOUS! You should be in a magazine when it's finished. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing the rest! xx

  27. Just found your blog, your home is stunning. Enjoy living your dream xx

  28. What a lovely home you are making! It feels very cozy and I can tell a lot of love is going in to it. I love that pantry and look forward to having one myself one day.

  29. Just found your blog via Our New Life in the Country, and I am in awe. Your little cottage is beautiful and I can see it's going to be well looked after now! Both you and Sue are living the kind of life I would have loved when I was a bit younger, but I would never have been brave enough to go for it. In stead I have a lovely old town house( with a pantry though!) that I love and now just read about you brave hard working souks who got up and did it. Well done and all the best for 2016. I will watch your progress with joy.