Thursday, 14 January 2016

1950's Greenhouse clearing and buried gifts

Hi Everyone,

goodness its turned very chilly here but I have to say its nice to be walking outside on crisp ground rather than muddy and boggy. I wanted to start off by saying thank you so very much for all your lovely comments on my last post im glad you all liked the pantry :-) And for your kind wishes with regards to my son  he is getting the help he needs for his mental health problems and i only hope in time he comes out of the black box he finds himself in wish i could wave a magic wand but sadly life isn't like that.  Anyway I have so much to share with you and don't know where to start really I know I said last week I was going to share our dinning room the vintage 70's wallpaper is now up but there are still a few pictures etc to go up so I will share that with you next week. My kitchen tiles have been fitted and oh Boy are they gorgeous and something completely different for me a mix of Moroccan design meets country/retro still lots to finish in the kitchen but once its done I will share that also. So I thought it was such a lovely day yesterday although very cold i wanted to tackle the greenhouse that has been standing here at Hazelmere since the 50's when the house was first built.

This lovely picture was Hazelmere in the 50's Bill used to sow all his flowers in the greenhouse which you can just see to the left of the house.  And what a gorgeous blast of colour either side of the path. Sadly the windows have been now changed but half of the box hedge is still here. I will share outside another time.

Back in June last year we were given permission to start digging our vegetable patch here and it was then that I first tackled the greenhouse all on my own. So here are the photo's of that day first.

Yes it was a jungle inside

It was a jungle in there but I stripped all the brambles out and remember it was filled with Bee's but they didn't mind me sorting it out. Obviously I didn't feel able to tidy the belongs inside at that time. But yesterday was a different story.

The door has seen better days it doesn't close has only 3 panes of glass and is rotten and falling apart but there is something lovely about its roughness.

There are a few smashed panes of glass and some empty spaces to. I cant wait to get a bit of colour back onto the wood.

So this is what faced me yesterday when I opened the door. I have to say that clearing it when I did in June of the brambles and weeds had stayed mostly away but this time I was able to take everything out and start again. I found a brush inside also so I was able to brush all the cobwebs and dirt off the shelves and windows.

Whilst I was digging out the weeds and the rubble from under the shelves  buried in the soil I find this lovely little stainless Nickel Silver spoon. I have no idea of its age but Nickel silver was first known and used in China during the Qing dynasty.  It become more popular during the 19 century. I am going to clean it up and keep it in the house I think as we start to dig around the garden more and start emptying the many sheds that are here we will find more little bits so I will probably start a little history and memory box of Hazelmere.

There was some major cobwebs to deal with :-)

But I cleared it all and found lovely canes and a bag of cable ties and about 10 sheets of glass which hopefully we can use to replace the smashed pieces and all the empty spaces.

Cleaned and stacked all the lovely vintage terracotta pots and a few modern ones in there to and the wooden seed trays cant wait to be able to start sowing my veg and flower seeds in here.

Cleaned the path. Now I need to get some strong weed killer to kill off those tree roots, re stain the shelves and sort out the glass and paint the outside and then get a new front door and hey presto I can hopefully start using it in March :-) I have never had a greenhouse before so this little gem is going to give me many hours of pleasure.

And from my vegetable patch here I am still digging up the leeks and carrots

And there are still more left in the ground hopefully they will be alright now we are having a cold spell. I managed to chop and tail the small ones and blanched them and there in the freezer ready to roast when needed.

And that's it from me I better get on the girls need walking and my friend is popping up later with her little grand daughter so looking forward to that.

Have a lovely week everyone until next time

by for now Dee xx


  1. Oh Dee I have been waiting for news from The Patch! What a fantastic greenhouse. You are right about the door and what lovely pots for you to use. I will be watching closely how you get on as I hope to get a greenhouse soon so will be following you for tips and hints. How exciting for you!x

  2. Wow, what an impressive greenhouse it looks amazing now that you have cleared it all out. Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for it.

  3. Gosh - what a lot of work. Will be well worth it, though!

  4. Goodness what a productive time you've had cleaning the greenhouse - an amazing job! x

  5. Dee what a fabulous greenhouse, that will keep you busy xx

  6. You will have lots of fun in that greenhouse. Wood ones look so much nicer than metal framed. What a fantastic collection of pots

  7. WOW! is all I have to say! You lucky thing, lovely house, garden, green house
    Julie xxxxx

  8. A great transformation, its going to be a lovely place potter and get things going. Roll on spring :-)

  9. I have serious pot envy, those old pots look wonderful, I would spend loads of time just holding each one, opps does that make me sound weird. As for your greenhouse bliss, I love the old wooden ones.

  10. Lots of work needed but what an exciting journey.

  11. I love the old photo you found of the house and the borders are wonderful.

  12. Ooh and just spotted those wonderful wooden boxes in the greenhouse, too. envious or what?!x

  13. Goodness - you have achieved a wonderful transformation on the greenhouse. You must be very pleased with your efforts and quite rightly so! I'm hoping for a greenhouse in my next house but am unlikely to get one with such style. I can just imagine all of the wonderful vegetables which have been grown in there over the years. How lovely to have some memorabilia of how the house has looked in the past too :)

  14. you have been workiing your socks off!

  15. Blimey lovely, you've worked hard on the greenhouse. It looks great and what a sense of achievement! I can just see it filled with plants ready to go in the garden. I do love it when gardens give up some treasures. We're always finding Roman coins in our garden. Everyone does in this area so it's not real treasure trove! The idea of a history box is lovely.
    Lots of love.

  16. I bet Bill used that spoon when he was re-potting seedlings. My Nan and my Mum always used/use a silver spoon and fork in the garden and so do I :)

  17. I understand how frustrating it can be to deal with someone who has issues with their mental health, hang in there my friend. Love all you have done, that work must be so therapeutic.

  18. Well done on your big greenhouse clear-up! M x

  19. All your hard work will pay off, Dee - that greenhouse is going to be fantastic. I like Gisela's idea that the little spoon might have been used for planting/potting - I think she might be right!
    Hope your boy is doing OK. xxx

  20. I have greenhouse envy Dee. and that little spoon is just gorgeous...what a treasure. I think the Greenhouse will come up fantastic and give you many hours of joy. I also have a love of old things, I think the aged patina looks fantastic.

  21. My, you are working hard, and the greenhouse promises to be such a treasure. I can't wait to see more.

  22. I'm sure your hard work will be rewarded. I found lots of 'treasures' around our place, too. Nothing valuable, but they help to tell the story of the place and pose some mysteries to ponder. The spoon is lovely and the pots are delightful.

  23. You must be far too busy to post right now but hope everything is coming along well for you all.

    1. Bless you, thank you for asking we are ok thank you but yes been a bit busy I don't know where last week went to. Hope your well will be catching up with everyone again this week :-) x