Monday, 25 January 2016

Dining room/ Day room/ cottage/retro make over

Hi Everyone,

I seemed to have lost a week somewhere along the lines. We had some beautiful cold, frosty and sunshiny days here at Hazelmere last week it was a gorgeous week and saw me busy pottering around outside doing jobs. Lots has been happening and we finely have our farm gate up no more tatty orange fencing and I bet the postman will be glad to, he wont have to climb over it to deliver the post :-) I will share outside next week as this week I wanted to share our nearly finished dining room/ day room.  Its hard to know what to call this space when we first saw it we thought of it has the back room now I think of it as the dining room and also the day room as its where I sit in the afternoons.

Anyway here goes I will start with the before photo's first


This is part of the back room when we first saw it back in February last year. A very dated carpet, and cream wallpaper walls. It had the original late 50s fireplace  and log burner in pace but sadly it wasn't working. So we decided to take this out and knock back to the original hole that used to house Dillis rayburn that she used to cook on and heat up the house. ( As the passage on the back is a later addition to the house )

As you can see the lovely space was still there behind the fireplace. We took up the carpet and stripped the wallpaper off the walls. The girls are just waiting for some warmth from that hole :-)

Sorry this photo is a bit hazy but you can just see the kitchen and the pantry in this photo. We stripped the floors back to the wooden floor boards to.

And this is how it looks today

A lot more colourful and warm

Kia our old girl is constantly in front of the log burner its so cosy and warm and another dream now ticked off my wish list :-) On the main chimney wall as you can see we hung some vintage 1970's wallpaper as the main focus to the room. In time we would like to add a piece of wood to the fireplace to act as a mantle shelf as we feel it would look so much better with one.  I rescued the wicker basket from the coal shed as our landlord was going to burn it now keeps our logs in. We painted the rest of the walls a nice sunshine buttercup yellow.

Its a gorgeous mix or oranges, pinks and yellows and we love it :-)

Just one of my vintage larders in this room  ( re furbished by my husband ) along with our 50's vintage formica kitchen table and chairs. I have had this table a very long time it came from one of our little road trips and was locked up in a gorgeous house that was a time warp.

I bought the little 60's wooden bookcase a couple of weekends ago as I did have one of my 50's kitchen units here but it looked to heavy so we went on a hunt on a Saturday and hey presto it was just what I had in my mind :-)

Above sits my little collection of vintage kitsch animal figures which range from the 50's and 60's and below photo's of my Dear boy Midi and Ted who are sadly no longer with us. My hubby hung some of the 70's wallpaper behind to carry the colours across.

Its not the best of light today to take photo's but I hung some gorgeous 50's curtains at the window along with a blind.

We stripped off the old paint on the window sill back to the wood and varnished it clear, it now houses a few of my 50's hankie glass vases and starburst 50's candle holders.

My 60's sofa that used to be in my summer house in our old house now sits opposite the log burner and houses some of my handmade cushions made from vintage fabrics and my crochet circle cushion I made just before Christmas.

During the Christmas break with no internet or phone connection I decided to start making another hexagon quilt to go on the back of the sofa in the dining room/ day room to inject a bit of colour on that side. I am sewing this all by hand but will machine it at the end when I need to add the wadding and back etc I love sewing by hand I find it much more relaxing than by machine. I am using a mixture of Vintage and a couple of modern fabrics to.

I love the colours and think it will work well with the wallpaper and the other colours already in the room. So this is my little project at the moment and hopefully wont take me to long.

This was hazelmere last week on one of our gorgeous sunny and frosty days you can just see one my hounds shadows. I have some exciting news to share next week regarding some chickens who will be coming to live with us :-)

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to leave a message on my last post it means a lot to hear from you and to everyone that also just dropped by to read.

Have a lovely week everyone

Until next time by for now

Dee xx

Thursday, 14 January 2016

1950's Greenhouse clearing and buried gifts

Hi Everyone,

goodness its turned very chilly here but I have to say its nice to be walking outside on crisp ground rather than muddy and boggy. I wanted to start off by saying thank you so very much for all your lovely comments on my last post im glad you all liked the pantry :-) And for your kind wishes with regards to my son  he is getting the help he needs for his mental health problems and i only hope in time he comes out of the black box he finds himself in wish i could wave a magic wand but sadly life isn't like that.  Anyway I have so much to share with you and don't know where to start really I know I said last week I was going to share our dinning room the vintage 70's wallpaper is now up but there are still a few pictures etc to go up so I will share that with you next week. My kitchen tiles have been fitted and oh Boy are they gorgeous and something completely different for me a mix of Moroccan design meets country/retro still lots to finish in the kitchen but once its done I will share that also. So I thought it was such a lovely day yesterday although very cold i wanted to tackle the greenhouse that has been standing here at Hazelmere since the 50's when the house was first built.

This lovely picture was Hazelmere in the 50's Bill used to sow all his flowers in the greenhouse which you can just see to the left of the house.  And what a gorgeous blast of colour either side of the path. Sadly the windows have been now changed but half of the box hedge is still here. I will share outside another time.

Back in June last year we were given permission to start digging our vegetable patch here and it was then that I first tackled the greenhouse all on my own. So here are the photo's of that day first.

Yes it was a jungle inside

It was a jungle in there but I stripped all the brambles out and remember it was filled with Bee's but they didn't mind me sorting it out. Obviously I didn't feel able to tidy the belongs inside at that time. But yesterday was a different story.

The door has seen better days it doesn't close has only 3 panes of glass and is rotten and falling apart but there is something lovely about its roughness.

There are a few smashed panes of glass and some empty spaces to. I cant wait to get a bit of colour back onto the wood.

So this is what faced me yesterday when I opened the door. I have to say that clearing it when I did in June of the brambles and weeds had stayed mostly away but this time I was able to take everything out and start again. I found a brush inside also so I was able to brush all the cobwebs and dirt off the shelves and windows.

Whilst I was digging out the weeds and the rubble from under the shelves  buried in the soil I find this lovely little stainless Nickel Silver spoon. I have no idea of its age but Nickel silver was first known and used in China during the Qing dynasty.  It become more popular during the 19 century. I am going to clean it up and keep it in the house I think as we start to dig around the garden more and start emptying the many sheds that are here we will find more little bits so I will probably start a little history and memory box of Hazelmere.

There was some major cobwebs to deal with :-)

But I cleared it all and found lovely canes and a bag of cable ties and about 10 sheets of glass which hopefully we can use to replace the smashed pieces and all the empty spaces.

Cleaned and stacked all the lovely vintage terracotta pots and a few modern ones in there to and the wooden seed trays cant wait to be able to start sowing my veg and flower seeds in here.

Cleaned the path. Now I need to get some strong weed killer to kill off those tree roots, re stain the shelves and sort out the glass and paint the outside and then get a new front door and hey presto I can hopefully start using it in March :-) I have never had a greenhouse before so this little gem is going to give me many hours of pleasure.

And from my vegetable patch here I am still digging up the leeks and carrots

And there are still more left in the ground hopefully they will be alright now we are having a cold spell. I managed to chop and tail the small ones and blanched them and there in the freezer ready to roast when needed.

And that's it from me I better get on the girls need walking and my friend is popping up later with her little grand daughter so looking forward to that.

Have a lovely week everyone until next time

by for now Dee xx

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Good life has started

Hi everyone,

wow I cant believe we are into 2016 already last year flow by so quickly I am determined this year not to blink :-) I am sorry I haven't been around for a while its been a very busy few months for us. We finely moved into our little 1950's cottage a week before Christmas and its been a magical and difficult time to with private health concerns over my youngest son.

But Hazelmere our dream home is now our living reality :-) We first saw our new home back in February last year and its a been an emotional roller coaster to get were we are now. I cant believe that by simply asking if we could rent this gorgeous empty house set us onto a wonderful journey and lives dream.  We had 6 weeks to make it livable from the time we were given the exciting news that it was ours to rent for the next few year. So as you already know my husband and myself set about decorating it and ridding it of damp every spare waking moment of our time was taken up. But we have finely completed 2 rooms our living room which is what I wanted to share with you today.

So step into Hazelmere

 Living Room when we first saw it in February 2015

And in November 2015 when we started stripping everything  down

We took all the wallpaper off the walls which was damp and mouldy and stripped all the paint off the woodwork.

We took up the carpet and sanded the floor and painted the walls and ceiling and all the wood work the walls are painted a soft rose and the woodwork is painted an almond colour. We sanded the main windowsill and put clear varnish on it. We then put some Vintage 70's wallpaper on the long wall and the chimney wall. And kept the original 50's fireplace which I have to say is so lovely and cosy when lit.

We kept the ceilings original and once we had cleaned all the damp off they were treated and then painted and I love looking up and seeing the little flat beams.

I actually had 8 full roles of this lovely 70's wallpaper my husband who is a professional painter and decorator said it was the worst paper he had ever used it was so thin but bless him he got it up and on those walls :-)

And then we moved all our things in and here is our lovely front room now. Our lovely little cottage Vintage/Retro style ;-)

We adore being in this room its so cosy and the little window by the swing chair always gets the sun shinning through well when its out either that or the moon which I love :-)

And here is the fire lit over Christmas another little dream of having an open fire now fulfilled and even though my hands always seem to be black from the coal or newspaper I just love it :-)

The metal coal bucket and the tools we saved from the coal shed outside :-)

And then there is my pantry oh my goodness I cant tell you how good it is to have one :-) To walk in and see everything standing to attention and being able to see what you have food wise instead of it being hidden away in a cupboard is brilliant I think every home should have one I am pretty sure it will help keep the food bill down to.

So again before photo's for you

This is when we first saw it back in February 2015.

I stripped it and repainted the walls a lovely primrose yellow and then my husband lined the shelves with red and white polka dot sticky back plastic we put a black and white chequered floor down and.....

I have filled it with all my vintage Taunton Vale Jars, bread bins and cakes tins, food and my chutney and jams I made last year I love it :-) And get great pleasure just walking in  I know I am pretty sad but I know your understand what I mean :-)

And next week I will share our lovely bedroom and our dining room which is getting its little finished make over my lovely vintage bold 70s wallpaper went up on the walls last night :-)

Here is a sneaky peak of it

And that's it from me I will be popping over and catching up with your blogs over the next few weeks. This year is going to be an exciting adventure for us hope you will enjoy reading the journey with us as we take our first steps into living our country cottage life dream.

Happy new year to everyone that takes the time to read and here's hoping your year is a magical one filled with joy, peace and love. And wishing that you achieve your dreams this year also.

Best wishes Dee xx