Monday, 2 November 2015

Water Butting Compost maker and First baby Spuds

Hi Everyone,

another week has flown by and its been a lovely warm Autumn weekend here for us. We have spent the weekend stripping paper in the cottage and doing lots of work in the garden but I still feel I cant share this yet until we get the rental in writing it shouldn't be long now after watching the seasons change up there Spring- Summer and now Autumn I have never waited or wanted anything so much in my life before 10 months of waiting. But in the coming weeks I can show you Hazelmere its been a lovely journey so far but the excitement of tending 2 .5 acres of land and a run down 1950's cottage is only just getting started.

But what I can share is what's happening down the allotment and at my Vegetable patch. On Saturday we went to the local rubbish tip where they have a recycle shop. I was on the look out for a second hand composter. I was going to make one from wooden pallets but I was worried it would take up to much space on my allotment so thought a plastic one would be better. We came across a water butt and my lovely hubby said how about I make that into a composter for you rather than spend £30 on a new one. Well it made perfect sense to me :-)

Take 1 second hand water butt at the cost of £8

Cut a hole in the bottom..

Cut a vent at the bottom and also where you can fork out the compost when its ready.

We just used a small plastic pole to hold the door of the vent in place

Put 3 pieces of timber inside which will be screwed to the sides to help keep it stable and to keep its shape.

Its now sitting behind my greenhouse and the area that still has yet to be designed. But its defiantly a much cheaper way and will take up less space than if I had used wooden pallets.

Do you remember those new potato tubers I planted well one row sprouted plants above the ground and the other row showed nothing. Before we went on holiday they looked green when we arrived home they resembled rotten and broken down twigs and I thought they had died.

But no actually under the ground were growing new potatoes :-)

I am really chuffed only small but enough for both us I boiled them up and tossed them in butter and garlic for our tea and oh boy they tasted scrummy ;-) But next year I will plant lots and at least I know now if the plant dies above the ground underneath they are growing and I will leave them well alone.

 We then dug the bed over and covered it up for the winter months ready to plant with tubers in the spring.

And then from up my vegetable patch I picked a lovely bowl of fresh spinach

Some more carrots, leeks and a handful of peas :-)

My Brussel sprouts at my vegetable patch although the plants themselves are tiny compared to the ones down at my allotment the actual sprouts are getting rather large :-)
 Really pleased to think that i will defiantly have fresh sprouts for our Christmas Dinner :-)
My Cabbages are growing well to first time ever growing these to so not doing to bad :-)
Those dried packet supermarket peas I sowed a couple of weeks ago are now poking through the ground :-) and will hopefully turn into an early crop next spring. Will let you know.
And that's it from me for another week,
Until next time bye for now
Dee xx
Ps fingers crossed we will have news about Hazelmere any day now the last stage is happening this week. This photo was taken back in February its even more over grown now. But the dream might just be a reality yet fingers and toes crossed :-)  




  1. Wow a new home, how exciting for you.

  2. My fingers will remain firmly crossed for you.

  3. I do hope that you get this sorted soon, waiting is the pits.

  4. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you, Dee! xxx

  5. Your veggies all look lovely! Good luck with Hazelmere! M x

  6. Keeping everything crossed for Hazelmere! Potatoes are one of the few things we manage to grow in our shady garden. The carrots look gorgeous and the composter is inspired! You've got a good 'un there ! xxxx

  7. Good luck with Hazelmere! The vegetables look yummy.

  8. Dearest Dee, thank you so much for your visit and your comment . It means the world to me.
    Those vegetables look delicious grown with love, as they should.

  9. Looks like a wonderful harvest. I have carrot envy. And those potatoes look delicious, just pass me the butter dish.
    I'm fascinated by the way you have covered your potato bed with the blue plastic to keep the ground warm, and I would think deter weeds. I know the secret about the cottage because I am reading your blog backwards. Ha ha.