Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Dreams You Dare to Dream really Do Come True

I started this crochet cushion last Thursday when were told the news we were longing to hear :-) 

Hi Everyone,

Dreams those special little thoughts you nurture and keep close to you those wonderful little images we all project in our waking moments and when were asleep if were very very lucky those little images can indeed become a reality if you keep thinking hard enough and willing it to happen and do something to put the wheels in motion so to speak to make them happen. And that's just what we did early this year. Back in February my husband and myself were asked to meet my hubby's good friend at a house we were given the address but had no idea the journey it was going to lay at our feet. My hubby's friend knew I collected vintage items and all we were told was that he was clearing a house and there may be a few things I would like did I want to come and take a look. So we drove to the address which took us into the countryside and pulled up outside and well what I saw had my jaw hitting the floor. A little 1950's cottage, approached to by a little iron gate and a long path either side, long flower beds ( Well actually it was a mass of brambles and weeds ) The very little house that as children we draw ourselves. The picture perfect house of my dreams. Hazelemere as the cottage is called had me spell bound before I even entered the door. I could see the over grown remains of a vegetable patch to the one side and a huge paddock to the left side of the house and the whole property is surrounded by fields.

I took this photo back in February the very day it captured our heart's

We met my hubby's very good friend and I as we stepped inside my heart was beating so fast and the minute I was inside the tears welled up in my eyes. The stairs are straight in front of you to the left side is the best room or front room to the left the back room with 2 extra doors inside I opened them both one a huge cupboard which sits under the stairs and the other a walk in larder I was screaming with excitement  inside I could see my jams, pickles standing to attention on those shelves.

The front room with the open fire

The back room with the original 50's log burner

The walk in larder :-)

The kitchen leads on from the back room there is a long passage on the back of the house which houses the tiny kitchen ( there is a sink and a unit and wall cabinet and that's it ) , a room with a toilet in then there is a passage way which leads down to the back door and then just off from there is the small bathroom.

Upstairs there are just 2 bedrooms

Just one of the bedrooms these photos were taken back in February on that first day.

I felt so humble being able to walk around what once was a wonderful home I learnt that Hazelmere was built in the 1950's for a lady called Dilys and her husband Bill and given to them on their wedding day by her parents. They never had children but they always had dogs and chickens and they lived here all their lives until Bill sadly passed away 10 years ago. Dilys continued to live there until she had a couple of falls she is now living in a nursing home and the house has stood empty for nearly 3 years. Dilys mum also lived there until she passed away. We found out that Hazelmere had been left to my good friends wife her sisters and 2 brothers and really they didn't want the hassle of doing anything with it. I joked with my hubbys friend about renting it there and then he said to me what would you do with it I said I would love it and bring it back to life he joked and said rip it down and start again that's what I would do I said you cant do that. Anyway that was back in February and nothing more was said until we passed by it back in June and it looked so sad and overgrown and I walked down the path with my husband and I said to him with tears in my eyes I need to breath new life here this house needs to be a home again it needs loving and laughter it needs people creating new memories it needs to breath again he agreed he loved it as much as I did.  So I sent an email to my friends husband and his wife saying just that and asking if it would be at all possible for us to rent it for a few years that we would do all the internal and exterior decoration for maybe a slightly cheaper rent I received an email straight back saying they had no problems with that and they would ask the family members. To cut a long story short My friend's husband and wife decided to buy It as a buy to let for us ( He has other houses he rents out ) and obviously as an investment for themselves when they retire.

So for 10 months we have been popping up and doing bits and pieces in the garden. They agreed to me starting a vegetable patch up there which is what I did and gave me the name for this new blog.( I have shared the building of this at the start of this blog.) I did this little sampler hoping it would bring us good luck and finely last Thursday afternoon we had the news we have been waiting to hear. Hazlemere is OURS to rent for the next few years I am still in shock I still cant believe it I have been through such a mixture of emotions over the past few days from jumping up and down dancing around the house like a loony, crying happy tears to a little bit of sadness to. I have been in my current home for 17 years its been my security blanket, where I have raised my 2 boys its seen good time and bad times, Its seen disease and illness with my son its seen birthdays and death of a dear friend when I became a single parent is was my rock. It was a brand new house when we moved in from the housing association so in a way its always felt like mine even though its rented. I have built it into a home a lovely warm and cosy place where we have always felt safe. But lives change and family changes. I gave up work a few years ago to care for my eldest son who was diagnosed with Crohns disease at the tender age of 12 years old ( I had remarried when I gave up work ) I was struggling to hold down work, care for him and look after the home and the rest of the family. My younger son was having his own battle which didn't rear its ugly head until 2 years ago. But I don't want to go into all that but what I will say is he got into the wrong crowd did things he shouldn't be doing and would go off for days at a time it was a very difficult time. He went to live with his dad who lived out of town changed schools to try and get him away from the bad influences and it broke my heart I felt at the time that I had failed him I was completely lost I no longer had a child at school he was only 14 yrs  ( But he agreed that it was best for the long run and it was his choice )  I lost a small part of who I was what my role was but over the past few months seeing him stabilise and get the right support finely he has turned a corner he was diagnosed with Inattentive HDHD along with depression and anxiety he know sees a councillor and takes medication to help and I am so proud of him as I am of both my boys. So seeing the cottage getting my allotment and tending to my vegetable patch has given me fresh direction  this year . And I also realised that my husband and myself need to build our own home that has no other memories of my past. So its time to take that jump so I am giving up my life assured tenancy to live the county life dream  for the next few years. We defiantly have it for a minimum of 2 years and have been told it will be for longer so it's time to take that leap of faith and live the dream for how long it allows us and then afterwards who knows if we are made homeless we have our Vintage caravan Bertie we can always live in :-) And my eldest son is happy to share the journey with us having grown up in the country he knows my heart will always be there and he loves the space and sense of freedom it will give us and with its 2.5 acres of land we will have lots to keep us busy. And my husband he is as happy as I am and proud that I am taking that leap of faith allowing us to live our dream together and create our own memories its time to leave the past behind and start afresh.  So we have started with the transformation of the cottage inside and will start to share with you soon. And really this little blog is going to be a scrap book for us as we set off on our new, exciting and slightly daunting journey :-)

Somewhere over the rainbow
 Skies are Blue
And the Dreams that we dare to dream
Really do come true
Thanks for tuning in again and sorry for the slightly long post
Until next time bye for now
Dee xx


  1. I'm so very, very happy for you and your family. Go girl!

  2. I am so thrilled for you all Dee. It's made me well up reading this, I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see what you do with Hazelmere xxxxxx

  3. What glorious news to start my day with. Congratulations on getting you dream home. I wish you joy, fun and laughter to go along with the hard work. Looking forward to seeing the developments.

  4. Hi Dee, this post has made me smile. From ear to ear. Thrilled for you xxx

  5. I'm so thrilled for you, I know it sounds silly but when you told us about the house over lunch that day in Bath I could just Feel you in it, like it was meant to be. here's to lots of happy times in your new home. x x

  6. Reading this has made my week! What a lovely post - Congratulations xxx

  7. I am so pleased for you. Your post just sounds so happy and full of hope! Good luck and I am looking forward to reading all about the making of your new home ...
    M x

  8. I'm so happy for both of you. I can;'t think of a more deserving couple to own that house, it's always had love in it and you and Jon will continue the tradition. xxx

  9. WONDERFUL, wonderful news. I think you will be so happy there.
    Welcome Home

  10. Couldn't be happier for you both and I know you'll make that house a beautiful home. Inspiring stuff, my lovely.xxxxx

  11. I love this long post, and I'm looking forward to hearing much more about your new home and the land around it. I wish you, your husband and your son many happy years in this home. It's so pretty, the proportions are beautiful and to me that's what makes it so attractive as you look at it down the long footpath. Beautiful.

    1. Thank you so very much for you lovely message its exciting and scary all at the same time but I cant wait to start making it our home :-)

  12. So happy to hear about this dream coming true for you! Your cottage looks so pretty, and I look forward to reading about your homemaking there...it will be wonderful! Happy times!
    Helen xox

  13. What y roller coaster ride, Dee, but what a wonderful outcome! I'm absolutely delighted for you and Jon, and wish you every happiness in your cottage. I've no doubt the two of you will do everything in your power to turn the place into a home filled with love and beauty. xxx

  14. They really do come true Dee and it sounds like you really deserve a lucky break too after alll that! Hope it's all going well. xx

  15. What wonderful news, Dee. I'm so thrilled for you and your family.

  16. Oh Dee, you sound just like us. We were looking to move, didn't know where but when we came to see the house we now live in I took one step inside the house, turned my head towards the kitchen and saw the blue Rayburn and I knew we had to have it. We have had some dificulties getting it to be ours, losts sales, incompetent solicitors you name it but we are finally in our dream house, too. I think it is hard to explain to people how you feel when you totally fall in love with a place even though looking at it it might need a tonne of work but you know what it will be. I so hope you have a long and happy life there with your hubby and your boys living your dream.x

  17. Oh my, this is absolutely wonderful. What a fantastic post :-)

    You have found your dream house and it has found you. Fate sometimes steps in in the most wonderful way.

    Wishing you love, laughter and most of all happiness in your new home. This will be a wonderful year. xx