Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Cottage Transformations

Hi Everyone,

thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my last post I still cant believe it really even though we are there every spare waking hour getting it liveable for us all. We have so far stripped all the wallpaper off in every room and I have spent hours burning the horrible paint off the doors, skirting boards, window frames while my lovely hubby has been rubbing them down after me. He is a professional  painter and decorator which makes it very handy :-)  We have washed and treated the walls from damp being a house built in the 50's the paint has lead in which gave me a massive headache the first day so a mask has been used every day since.

The backroom which is going to be our kitchen diner has gone from this

To this

The carpet has been ripped up, the old fireplace has been removed and the broken 50s log burner been taken out and the fire place has been opened back up to what it use to be when the cottage was first built except there was a rayburn there which Dillis used to cook on and heat the house from. There is a lovely log burner going inside the hole ( I have always wanted a log burner so this another dream fulfilled to ) And this will be large enough to heat the whole house up providing doors are left open.

The front room did look like this

But now looks like this the carpet has been ripped up, the wallpaper stripped off the walls, the mould treated and the black ceiling has been washed.

The paint has been stripped from the skirting boards and window frames

The kitchen units have now been removed and the 50s glass wall cabinet has gently been taken down to be given a lick of paint and restored back so it can be used again. Will show you when that's been done.

Next time you see this room it will have my lovely little slim line 50's larder a Belfast sink, wooden work tops and cream cupboards and 50's wall cabinet and a lovely chequered black and white floor. And plastered walls, tiles and vintage wallpaper, cant wait for this room to be finished.

We are currently working on the bedrooms which seem to have been taking an age but the walls needed to be stripped and then washed and treated because of the lead paint and the damp. They have been painted 5 times and are finely finished :-) The doors have been stripped of paint and so has the window frame but the top fell down so my hubby has had to repair and fill it. The skirting boards have been stripped to and finely last night we were  able to wood stain everything. The floor has been sanded and then sanded again and tonight all that's left for us to do is put the top coat on all the wood work, gloss the floor and then put the wallpaper up on 2 feature walls :-) My sons bedroom is nearly there to but by Thursday this week both bedrooms will finely be finished and we can start on the stair's and landing.

Our bedroom has gone from this

To this

I will be able to show you a finished room next week well actually both bedrooms will be finished I have some gorgeous 70's wallpaper going on the chimney wall and also behind our bed. But will share that with you next week along with my finished crochet blanket I started back at the start of the year just in case we got the cottage :-)

Out side has seen a huge transformation you can see a little bit from the heading photo on this post. But I will reveal and share that another time.

So for now its a really busy time for us packing up our current home and then spending our evenings and weekends up at the cottage , my son  turned 19 on Saturday so that was emotional for me his last birthday in our current home of 17 years and my last birthday cake baked in my lovely kitchen , preparing for Christmas and on top of all that I am advertising and getting ready for my Vintage and Handmade Christmas Fair that I run under the name of Dee Dees Vintage and handmade Fairs you can find them here at www.facebook.com/DeeDeesHandmadeAndVintageFairs
So if you are in Taunton, Somerset on Sunday 13th December why not pop along to West Monkton Village Hall, TA2 8NE and say hello and start you Christmas shopping with us we have some amazing sellers joining us again and each one different and unique.

And that's it from me for another week take care and have fun what ever your up to.

Bye for now

Dee xx


  1. So exciting to see the transformation xx

  2. What an amazing difference already. A stunning transformation. I am looking forward to your next post already.

  3. Hiya, I know what it's like to move from somewhere you have lived for a long time, it is very emotional.
    You have a lot of work to do, but it will be so worth it, looking forward to seeing more, don't over do it x

  4. My goodness, what energy you both have. You are whirl winding through at a great pace. Keep those pics coming and be sure to wear your mask1

  5. Goodness me are you busy or are you really busy? Phew, I'm worn out just reading!

  6. oh my goodness how exiting!! i somehow managed to miss your last post so went for a look :) i'm a very bad blogging neighbour haha
    The house is soo beautiful and i am incredibly jealous! i love love love that walk in larder, i'm hoping to to re-do the coal hole in the hall and turn it into our own little larder/pantry next year as soon as i can afford the right shelves :) i wish i lived closer to be able to visit your vintage fair :(
    i'm very much looking forward to seeing everything transformed :) xxx

  7. Absolutely brilliant, love! You too are wonders,and you'll be in before Christmas and it's going to look fabulous. Cannot wait to see the transformations.xxxx

  8. Hello Dee, Thanks for sharing all your photos and updates on the house, it looks fantastic ! I haven't had a lot of time to read blogs lately so I really need to catch up on your latest posts. I hope you're well. Fiona x
    PS: Wish I could come to your vintage fair - North Yorks is a bit too far away !

  9. Wow, just wow! Look at all you have achieved already. It is amazing. x

  10. Hi I've just come across your blog - oh wow what a transformation you've made. It must be very emotional to move from somewhere you have lived so long & I wish you lots of luck x

  11. You're getting it done so quickly and it's looking great!
    We thought we'd take our time doing up our house but sold our last one in 24 hours to a cash buyer and had to move in to a building site and work on one room at a time. There's still bits that need finishing ten years later! xxx

  12. I can't believe how much you have achieved at the cottage. I am really enjoying reading about your move, and about your transformation of the cottage.
    I hope your Christmas Fair is a huge success.

  13. So exciting Dee, but so much work!!!!! Have fun well as much fun as you can stripping everything down. IT will be amazing when it is all done.

  14. My goodness, Dee! You and Jon are like a house renovation whirlwind, I can't believe how much you have done already. You are going to make it into such a lovely home - how exciting! xxx

  15. My goodness, Dee, you and John are like a house renovation whirlwind! You have worked so hard and achieved so much already. It's going to be a lovely home, how exciting! Good luck with your fair too. xxx

  16. Bless you dear lady. I don't often comment, but I do always read. I'm so happy for you and your family. This is a new life and a new home. I wish you much happiness and love. You've worked so hard. Bless you all. Xx

  17. My, this is a big project, Dee. I'm sure it will be lovely when finished and well worth all your hard work.

  18. Hi Dee...how exciting for you, hope 2016 brings you lots of happy times in your new home! :) xxx