Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Holidays and vegetables

Hi Everyone,

arrived home from Portugal in the early hours of last Friday morning and I have to say after a very difficult year to have 10 days of wondrous warm sunshine and quality time with my husband has  been a real joy.  But arriving home to Autumn temperatures has been a bit of shock but I must not complain its one of natures most colourful and beautiful times of the year. Milly and Kia were over joyed to see us and us them my parents did a wonderful job of taking care of them. And in the kitchen my eldest son had bought me a lovely bunch of Autumn coloured flowers :-)

We spent a wonderful 10 days sunbathing, traveling around in our little hire car, reading books ( In fact I read 5 books cant believe it really ) , exploring old towns and villages, finding lovely farmer's markets,  lying on unspoilt quiet beaches, naughty martini's at lunch time, picnics on the balcony and lazing around our lovely 60's cliff top pool with beautiful views of the glittering sea,  All I can say is it was very much needed but I now I have to get my head around the fact that Summer is well and truly over for another year.

I love to cook on holiday to and this time I only had 2 rings but its amazing what you can make with a load of fresh vegetables and spices :-)

If you click on the photo's they will appear larger for you.

This was our little shared 60's cliff top pool it was truly blissful :-)

I did treat myself to a little something a lovely tablecloth from the gypsy market we visited it cost me 10 euros I didn't barter with the lady though she was a bit scary. Now this is a first for me as most of you will know if you followed my old blog I NEVER EVER buy anything unless its from the 50s,60s or 70s  but I fell in love with the bright colours and the cherrys and flowers and thought it would look lovely up at Hazelmere.

On arrival home we went to check my allotment and my vegetable patch which I have to say are both looking great although my potato plants had wilted some what I am hoping that under ground they are ok. The growth has been amazing I haven't had a chance to take photo's yet but I will get onto that this week. I was lucky enough though to be able  pull up some vegetables...

I pulled up a lovely bunch of carrots my first ever bunch :-) and enough for a meal on Sunday, 2 huge courgettes which have been added to a chilli this week, a large bag of spinach which I turned into ricotta and Spinach cannoli and another huge lettuce :-)

Its such a great feeling being able to pull and dig up your own fresh vegetables the taste and satisfaction is wonderful.

Thank you to everyone who left me birthday wishes and for your comments on my last post and also for just stopping by and taking the time to read my ramblings.

That's it for today until next time

Bye for now

Dee xx


  1. Sounds like an idyllic break away. You certainly have some great produce.

  2. Your holiday sounds absolutely idyllic, Dee. How gorgeous is that pool?
    Isn't shopping for fruit and veg exciting when you're abroad? Everything always looks bigger and better.
    That tablecloth is lovely. I rarely see modern things I like (and that i can afford). that will look gorgeous in your new home. xxx

  3. Blimey! She must have been scary if the Queen of Barter didn't go for it!! The cloth is beautiful and it doe shave a bit of a vintage thing going on.
    Beautiful photos and I'm glad you had such a good time. Yup summer is over for another year but it's still good to be able to finish some of the harvesting. Don't worry about the potatoes...they die back until all that's left is the veg in the ground. They should be huge with this rain and sun thing we've had going on!
    Look forward to seeing you in a bit!

  4. Your trip sounds wonderful and just what you needed after your year. I think some beautiful time away is a true gift.

  5. Good to know you had a lovely holiday, Dee - you deserved a relaxing break in the sun! The pool looks fabulous.
    Back to work now, although I know tending your veg garden isn't a chore, you love it, and being able to enjoy the produce is wonderful. xxx