Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Autumn and a lost week.

Hi Everyone,

cant believe another week has passed by already in fact last week was a right off for me so I am glad its over. Last Sunday I took the train to Bristol to meet up with my long term gorgeous blogging friend  Emma we have been friends for a few years now meeting through our love and passion for all that is Vintage. We spent a brilliant day in Bristol visiting the vintage Fair that our other Fabulous blogging friend was selling at Vix we all started blogging around the same time and have become firm friends over the years. We explored the old side of Bristol and enjoyed a wonderful lunch and a cheeky cider at lunch time sat by the river we walked miles and laughed loads it was a truly lovely day :-)

And then on Monday and Tuesday I had a fibro flare up and had to rest and then to add insult to injury I slipped down the stairs on Weds and hurt my arm, collar bone and ankle so I had to rest for the whole week no digging down the allotment was done I felt so low and tearful its bad enough the weather has changed and my body has started to burn and ache again especially in the mornings but i am used to that now but to have a whole week wasted no fun at all. At least I got loads of crochet done so that's a positive :-)

So after resting last week this weekend I was able to get to my Vegetable patch and do some tidying up things are still growing well there. My carrots and leeks are smashing just look....

I was able to dig up some leeks and carrots :-) I am so pleased with my first half growing season and I cant get over how straight my carrots are and how white my leeks are :-) And they tasted delicious to.

This is the view of my vegetable patch from the bedroom window of the cottage its in we are still waiting for news to see if we can rent it but just look at that beautiful view :-) We are getting closer to an answer now we have been told its 150% ours but until I have the Yes and its in writing I wont believe it. We did start stripping wallpaper at the weekend and I cant wait to tell you and show you around and inside once we have definite news I will share the journey with you.

I will take photo's next time the lettuces are growing, leeks, carrots, courgettes, onions and peas and also the Brussels sprouts although the actual plants are smaller than those down my allotment the actual Brussels are large.

But I did pick a small handful of peas and 2 more courgettes :-)

I also picked 2 lettuces from my allotment and I just cant get over how huge they are with the crispy thickest centres ever I put the cup there to show you the size :-)

On Sunday afternoon we went for a lovely walk in the woods just 5 minutes away from the cottage. There are a lot of different routes to take here is ours...

Milly taking the lead.

I love the light and shade at this time of the year all the different colours Nature really has a gorgeous paint chart.

The variety of trees in the woods is beautiful and the way the light casts your shadows

The trees are so majestic and tall. I love the way their roots scamper across the floor

The colours are breath taking

I wonder what wildlife is hiding down the holes

Crazy formed fungus just sitting and waiting

The pretty fir trees I would love to come and dress them with tinsel and little hanging things and see the smiles from passers by

My beautiful girl Kia just taking a moment and drinking in the beauty and the peace the woods offer you.

Yes Autumn is a beautiful time of year even though my body sometimes gives up on me I love this time of year the colours are just so inspiring. I collected the leaves from the woods this is only just a very small collection from natures colour chart at this time of year. It inspired me to look around my own home and make my own Autumn colour chart...

Vintage 70s wallpapers which adorn my walls, Taunton Vale canisters, curtains, tins, flowers, lamps, record case, aprons, 50's bin, casserole dish.....yes Autumn is truly beautiful.

Thank you for joining me here again.

Have a lovely week until next time

Bye for now

Dee xx


  1. Absolutely gorgeous pictures Dee. I love this time of year and the colours are just stunning xxxxx

  2. I'm sorry to hear you have been under the weather but so glad you got to enjoy Bristol and this lovely autumnal weather we have had.
    As for house news, I'm looking forward to hearing all about it in person next time we meet up because I just have this very good feeling. x x

  3. A beautiful Autumn post.....your veggies look amazing, and such lovely woodland walks. Sorry to hear you had a flare up and have been in pain, Dee....I hope you will feel better the rest of the season. Take care.
    Helen xox

  4. Pain is so unforgiving, I empathise with you and hope that this week is a better one.

  5. Hope you are feeling better now, slipping downstairs is probably not a good idea! Your autumn colour chart reminds me of my first ever kitchen - 1975 brown and orange. The veg from your plot looks good, hope you soon get news on the cottage.

  6. A beautiful blog post Dee. (but sorry you have been unwell). Wonderful harvest from your allotment, straight carrots - well done. A truly gorgeous view from the cottage. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Such beautiful countryside. Hope you are feeling much better now.

  7. Hope you're feeling better. This horrid, Autumnal dampness doesn't do us any good at all.
    Lovely to see you last Sunday and loving the peacefulness and beauty of your photos. xxx

  8. Hope you feel better...the damp is a pain quite literally though Autumn is beautiful.. Love the photos, properly relaxing and that's a proper view you've got there!
    Can't wait to hear the news on the house...I'm sending all my possy vibes.
    That was nearly two weeks ago that we were in Brizzle! Where does it go? It was such a great day and we must do it agian soon.

  9. Good to see you with darlings Em and Vix, loving all the fab veg from your garden and the beautiful light through the trees. Hope you're feeling better now. xxx