Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Allotment sowing, greenhouse and more

Hi Everyone,

hope you are all well it looks like its going to be a lovely sunny day here in Somerset although with a lovely Autumn nip in the air. I have had a busy week it started off last Sunday with a nice walk on the beach down in Devon well actually my husband and myself are volunteers with our local Retired Greyhound Trust and we took one of our hounds down to her forever home darling Evie now joins a pack of 3 boys and after filling in the adoption papers with her new owners we left a very happy girl with her 3 new brothers and her new mum and dad ;-) As it was close to our favourite beach were we regularly drive to, a beach free run was in order and it was nice to say hello to our old greyhound boy Ted who's ashes we scattered here early on in the year.  The girls adore it here they love splashing in the sea and feeling the soft sand between their paws we are lucky that we are able to let them off lead they always stay close.

In fact its like having your shadow behind you .

Milly Moo Moo always takes the lead with old girl Kia behind you wouldn't think she was 12 with very limited eye sight.

Love my girls

Every morning in the field I walk my girls there are blackberries and sloe berries are growing. My freezer is full of blackberries from my own bush so I decided to pick some sloe berries. If you click on the photo's they will appear larger for you.

And I think  you can guess the rest

Yep I made Sloe Gin I have never made it before always wanting to but never getting round to it. I used the Jamie Oliver recipe where you freeze the berries over night to pretend they have had a frost. I Have made 2 large bottles and its now put a away until Christmas Eve.

I was also given a large bag of cooking apples 6lb worth so I made a large batch of apple spiced chutney as I have crumbles already in my freezer.

And down the allotment I have been doing some sowing and moving around in my little greenhouse.

Do you remember the old fashioned sweet smelling sweet peas I planted a couple of weeks ago ready for an early Spring crop next year well they are growing much quicker than I thought they would and will soon need putting into bigger pots.

Just over a week ago I sowed some winter lettuces and some winter spinach and already these are poking through. I sowed some directly outside just before I went on holiday but I think the heavy rain we had then washed them away so thought I would plant some inside. Another 2 weeks of growing inside and I will be able plant them out under a cloche frame.

A few weeks ago I brought down 5 pepper plants from my vegetable patch as the colder weather was coming and they were struggling and put them inside the green house I planted 3 plants into the ground and 2 in a pot and as you can see I have a couple of peppers now growing I will be very surprised if they come to anything much as the colder weather is settling in but thought I have nothing to lose :-)

Last week I also brought down from my vegetable patch one of my cucumber plants which has 3 good size fruits on it. So far it hasn't died but they haven't grown any more. It was far to cold for them outside now and again I don't think they will grow anymore now but it will be interesting to see what they do I will let you know.

I do love my little greenhouse one day I will have a glass one but for now this one will do nicely :-)

Do you remember those red Onion Electric bulbs I planted 3 weeks ago just look at them now :-)

I also had to rescue my carrots down the allotment to I was a bit concerned that will poking through the ground so I did a bit of reading and it turns out that I needed to cover them up or they would go bitter. It told me to mulch them I didn't want to use straw or sawdust so just used compost instead they look warmer already.

Poking up quite a lot they were

I just filled my basket with compost and covered the whole plant an did some weeding while I worked along.

No more poking carrots and hopefully they will continue to grow nicely now.

Jobs this week are to continue digging out the last part of my allotment and then I can get building and planting my....actually I will share that stage when its finely dug out :-)

Its getting there.

Now its Autumn I have got out my crochet blanket I started in January this year it was to go in our new house which fell through. I chose pale colours as they were the shades that are in the Vintage 70s wallpaper I bought for our bedroom and although I am not a lover of the colours stupid I know actually its just the pale blue and pink I am not loving and the fact I made tiny granny squares its taking a while well that and the fact its going to be double bed size. I love bright shades of the 50's  60's and 70's if you followed my old blog  here http://vintageretrodelights.blogspot.co.uk/you will see my house and love for all things Vintage and bright there. Although I have included a few photo's on the side of this blog. But I am determined to finish it no matter how long it takes and I am sure if we do get the cottage with the paper and room decorated it will look great.

There is a very long way to go with it yet but at least its keeping me warm :-)

Its quite a contrast to the colours and style I usually do but it will grow on me literally :-)

And on that note that's it from me this week,

Thank you so much again for your lovely comments and for taking the time to read my ramblings,

Until next time bye for now

Dee xx


  1. Your girls are so gorgeous. I'm surprised you don't want to keep all those lovely greyhounds you visit.
    The crochet blanket is lovely, I still can't manage a chain! xxx

  2. I love your blanket in progress. I, too, am not a fan of pastel colours but your colour combination works very well.

  3. It's all looking wonderful. Those greenhouses are really good. I bought one to save my tomatoes from getting blight and I'm still picking them. I bet you do love your gals, they are gorgeous.
    Love the blankets. I'm so impressed by peoples crochet. I'm with Vix, and can't do a chain!

  4. Beautiful looking dogs, a great excuse for a long walk on the beach. Your allotment is certainly coming along, looking forward to seeing your future plans. Love the crochet blanket and the great colour combination.

  5. The dogs look as though they really enjoy a run around on the beach!
    As always, your gardening efforts are paying off, you're doing so well with your growing. And making too - a crochet blanket and sloe gin, the perfect combination for winter! xxx

  6. I planted my onions out a couple of weeks ago but not a sign of them growing yet, you clearly have the magic touch. x

  7. My goodness you have been busy. I really do love the new blanket and I think it will be perfect when you are ready for it. Hugs to you,

  8. flipping heck you have been busy! Your dogs are beautiful :) hopefully we will be able to get one next year, if we can afford it.
    Everything is looking amazing! fingers crossed mine will start to look sso productive next year :)
    and your blankets are stunning! xx

  9. What a happy-busy post, you have been good. I love walks on the beach and crochet and yes, sloe gin :-)

  10. I love to see what is happening in your veggie patch and allotment. I believe that preserving our food goes hand in hand with gardening and I love to read about your adventures into preserving. As a gardener myself I often receive gifts from other gardeners who have a glut and that gets me pickling and preserving. They receive a sample of the finished product.