Monday, 12 October 2015

Allotment growing sowing and more

Hi Everyone,

thank you for continuing to join me here and for the lovely comments. This past week has been productive and finely after returning back from holiday I pulled my bike out of my summer house got my wellingtons on and cycled down to my allotment where I have spent a few joyful quiet hours pottering around in fact time just flies when I am there.

First I weeded all the beds and marvelled at the vast growth of the vegetables that I have planted there.

As you step through the front arch the lettuces you can see on the left are doing well I am picking one a week as they are huge.

My Brussels sprout plants are doing great and have some great size sprouts appearing on the stork :-)I am picking off the lower leaves the bigger they grow.

My carrots are growing well but are now poking through the ground I can already see there are going to be some crazy shaped ones here.

The Romanesco Cauliflowers I planted are also growing well although I do have white fly and some of the lower leaves have been eaten a bit they are still happy.

The Purple Sprouting Broccoli is also growing well and seems pretty strong.

My Peas are lovely and thick and have pea pods now growing :-)

The beetroot I planted has finely started to grow bigger to. I am happy with that also

And the Pointed Cabbages I planted are doing well in their cage and have lovely rounded centres already :-)

My leeks are getting bigger to and what with the ones growing up at my vegetable patch they should  see us through the winter months.

And talking of Leeks I pulled up my first ever ones 3 in fact yesterday from my vegetable patch and I am really chuffed with them there is a nice amount of white on them and they smelt and tasted lovely in yesterdays dinner :-)


I also picked a very small handful of peas from my Vegetable patch and we all had a tea spoons amount with our dinner :-) and the Courgettes are still growing well to and I am managing to pick 2 a week.

My potatoes are the only thing that I am hoping are going to be ok they are looking rather sad above the ground but I am hoping come xmas eve there will still be new potatoes below ground. And only 1 row has grown to I planted 2 different sorts.

I also raked and sowed my wild flower seeds into my middle section of my plot I am hoping they will grow and I will have some wonderful wild flowers to pick next year. All the ones I sowed can be sown now.

Cornflowers, wild poppies, wild cornfield meadow old fashioned seeds and a mixture of others I left the packets at the allotment so cant remember them all.

Hopefully next year this space will be filled with colour and lovely different scents.

This past week I also finely met my old allotment neighbour who has been gardening for over 60 years. I spoke to Reg for ages about so many different topics the old days, planting, goats and chickens I was telling him I was going to be sowing my winter peas and he told me the ones he uses and planted just 2 weeks ago and they have sprouted up already are just dried peas you get in the supermarket for 55p a box he said they don't need to be covered with fleece the only thing that might kill them would be heavy snow so I  thought right I am going to give them a go so I hunted them down. I took up the black fabric I had placed on the bed which I was pleased to see was still free of weeds I added my canes and then I sowed them I paid £2.99 for my other winter ones but I have decided to still plant them when my others have finished just to see which work best.

I found them in Sainsburys 55p a box.

Put up my canes :-)

I started to plant them into the ground I actually put 5 around each cane and also staggered them down the middle thinking I will just bend them over to which ever side they lean towards rather than have a wasted empty space. So fingers crossed next Spring I will have an early crop.

I am really pleased with the way the middle section has now started to take shape and just by adding the canes its made the area some how. So just imagine the area at the front of the photo full of wild flowers next year :-)

I also started tackling the final part of my allotment behind the greenhouse I have a large area still left to dig out and design I have plans for this area but I will share those once I have dug it over. I did manage to dig a whole area 9foot by 9 foot in an afternoon and boy did I ache the next day I really should set myself smaller targets but I really want to get this last stage finished before the winter sets in.

I took up the plastic sheeting and then moved it up and over the other part to kill off the weeds underneath. And then got digging, weeding and turning the earth.

I am so chuffed with myself I have actually dug the whole of my allotment on my own. I have a condition called Fibromyalgia which leaves me in terrible pain with my muscles and joints so I have to be clever with my days I can have a day of digging and weeding and then I have to rest for a couple of days afterwards. But I cant tell you how rewarding and such a sense of peace this little space gives me.

I also made my Christmas cakes and they are now in their cakes tins ready to be fed regularly with sherry the smell in my kitchen was wonderful :-)

And that's it from me this week I have been adding and sowing in my greenhouse to but will share that next week.

So until next time bye for now

Dee xx


  1. Great work on the allotment, and equally great in the kitchen, I can nearly smell your cakes. My time is almost fully taken up with sewing, hooking and knitting, I am going out into the garden for an hour each day, I need the fresh air and a different range of movement.

  2. All your veg look so strong and healthy, you must be so proud of yourself (justifiably). And what a brilliant idea about the supermarket peas, trust an old gardener to know the best, easiest and cheapest way of doing something.

  3. I love the path, hope everything grows well for you and we don't get the heavy snow

  4. I am so impressed with your allotment such a wide variety, all that hard work is certainly paying off. I haven't thought about Christmas cake yet I have decided to leave it until after my holiday, but you have certainly been very productive.

  5. What a healthy looking crop! You work so hard.
    Fancy being able to plant those dried peas,. I never knew that. xxx

  6. It's all looking fantastic, mind you it would with all that hard work! My grandad never planted anything but dried peas...Leo as I recall and they were the only ones he'd eat as mushy peas too. It's a top tip and I've always done the same.
    I can smeel that cake from here! There's nothing nicer than homemade Christmas cake. I must do mine've inspired me again.
    See you soon.

  7. It all looks fabulous, very inspiring! My peas never make it to the kitchen I usually stand and eat them as I pick them :)

  8. Your veg patch is so neat and tidy, it's amazing! I reckon Reg is a very useful person to know - plenty of experience and wisdom to pass on! xxx

  9. You've been busy, Dee, and it all looks so wonderful, a tribute to your hard work.

  10. Gosh, you have been busy and it all looks so healthy and very neat! I didn't manage to plant a thing this year, but am now thinking I might pop a few peas in ...
    M x

  11. Oh sweet thank you so much for the lovely comment the other was so nice. Gosh what wonderful things you have been up to here......a very busy bumble bee!!!! The veggie patch is truly amazing. Sending much happiness to you Vanessa

  12. I'm echoing your other readers - your allotment looks so beautifully cared for. And really productive. I believe that one of the benefits of growing your vegetables in an allotment is the tips that you pick up from other (in my case a lot more experienced) gardeners. Love the handy hint about planting the dried peas.