Monday, 14 September 2015

The Carrot tops were talking and more

Hi Everyone,

well its a very grey and wet day down here in Somerset this morning but hopefully it will be good for the allotment and the vegetable patch and hopefully my seeds I sowed over the weekend wont get flooded out. We spent 5 hours at the vegetable patch on Saturday weeding all the path's and the vegetable beds it was looking a little untidy compared to my allotment. I also had to support my brussel sprout plants with canes as they were starting to lean but you can actually spy little buds starting to appear so I may have some Brussels to pick xmas eve yet :-)

As my carrot tops were looking huge I couldn't resist digging one up and I was so chuffed it was straight although small but perfect.

I then they started talking to me pick another they said so I did ;-)

And I swear they were laughing at me when I pulled the next one up V for victory maybe ;-) they went into a casserole yesterday and were so sweet.

My Peas are looking great and they have now started producing pea pods I am so pleased hopefully in another couple of weeks I will be shelling peas :-)

My cucumbers are still growing strong to I hope they keep growing especially now its getting cooler I have 3 chunky ones doing well and some smaller ones to.

My Brussels are now supported with canes and producing some little Brussels on the stems to tiny yet to photograph.

My lettuces are a bit small still here at my Vegetable patch as you can see here..

But at my allotment well its a different story they are growing huge and are so tasty

I am really pleased with these and will defiantly grow these again next year i still have lots of seeds left they are called Canasta they are Italian and part of  the Bavicchi range.

My herb bed at the vegetable patch is doing really well and I planted another herb its called Basil Mint and can be used the same way as normal basil for sauces etc it smells gorgeous and I am hoping it will settle in well.

I also planted some lovely red spring onions I have never seen these before but they are a bit sweeter in taste to the white ones. I planted these in my vegetable patch and also down my allotment to.

These are hardy for the winter so it will be nice to still have things still growing over the cold months.

I also did some sowing of winter spinach and yellow onion Radar bulbs up at my Vegetable patch and down the Allotment I have sowed some Winter Density lettuces these again are hardy for the winter months I will cover them up with a poly tunnel when it turns really cold but it will be great to still be growing during the cold months. I also put in the ground Red onion bulbs Electric these are again a winter growing variety.

And in my little green house I have sowed some old fashion sweet peas these smell divine well they will once they are in flower next year :-) This is a winter growing variety ready to plant out next year.

Last week i made some brown sauce with left over green tomatoes i was given i didn't quite have enough so had to add some red ones but it doesn't change the flavour or texture its  a recipe i use every year and its lovely, spicy and tasty.

This is the recipe here if you click on the photo's they will appear larger for you.

Both the growth at my Vegetable patch and Allotment are doing great and i am really pleased so far this is my first half year of growing vegetables and i am chuffed so far and although its very hard work its so rewarding and fun i cant wait for my very first full year of growing next year and i have started planning what i will grow will share that some other time.

Little parts of my allotment are looking and growing great

And i think i had better leave you all there before this post gets over loaded with photo's :-)

This may be my last post for a few weeks now as we are off on our holidays to Portugal next Monday its actually my birthday then to. I cant wait for a bit of quality time together in the sunshine :-) My parents are looking after Milly and Kia i just hope they will be ok it will be the first time since having Milly we have left her but she will be in her own home and same routine so fingers crossed. Unless of course we get any cottage renting news then i will of course let you know.

Have a lovely week everyone,

Until Next time Bye for now

Dee xx


  1. You've got a lovely lot of veg there, well done, no wonder you're pleased. Well it's sunny now here in our bit of Somerset (west of Bridgy) so hopefully it is too where you are.

  2. Wow, you really are doing well, such an impressive garden and allotment. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  3. Your allotment looks absolutely yummy!
    Julie xxxxx

  4. Everything is coming along so well for you, I can't wait it will be so nice to eat fresh from the ground, home grown just has such a different taste, I have the winter density lettuce and spinach also, your sauce looks good x

  5. I always poke around the base of the carrot leaves before pulling to see how wide the top is.
    Enjoy your holiday and Happy Birthday for Monday.

  6. I do like 'Mum' and push the soil away to have a peek before I pull! They tend to get eaten raw as they taste so sweet! In fact they tend not to even get as far as the kitchen I just rub off the soil and munch 'em!!
    You have no idea how excited I get reading about your growing adventures and can hardly believe so much has grown in such a short time.
    I may have to try out your recipe as all my toms are still green. But Monty Don on Gardeners World has the same problem, so I can live with that!!
    Happy Birthday and have a super holiday!

  7. It gets better and better! Everything looks great! I hope you've got a good allotment sitter while you're sunning yourself in Portugal. Have a wonderful time. xxxx

  8. It's looking fantastic! You've worked so hard :)
    May you have a fantastic holiday, then some fantastic news about the cottage. Bless you. You're an inspiration x

  9. Have a wonderful holiday and fingers crossed on the cottage news. x

  10. Have a wonderful time Dee. The garden looks wonderful and so productive.

  11. Nothing tastes better than vegetables from your own garden. And you've put a lot of work in, Dee.