Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Feeling proud vegetable patch goodies

Hi Everyone,

I am feeling very proud right now, went up to my vegetable patch tonight and just look what I came home with :-)

I just picked my very first 2 courgettes I am so happy and proud I could cry. I grow these plants from seeds and I have loved and nurtured them I cant tell you what a great feeling it is.....

But maybe you can tell by my happy face here :-) Being a vegetarian courgettes are part of my main diet so its great to be able to grow them.  I have a few more growing to.

I also came home with

Spinach leafs that I sowed direct into the ground.

Half a bag full to be exact :-)  I will be cooking this tomorrow with new potatoes turning them into a bit of a curry.

Both my Leeks and Carrots are growing great I cant wait to start pulling these up

My courgettes are still growing and I have 5 more that I could see after I had picked the 2 above. Love the bright flowers on those I know you can eat them but I like to see them in bloom.

Really pleased with my cucumbers I have 6 in total growing strong and boy are they prickly.

My peas are sprouting lovey white flowers now and hopefully the pea pods wont be long :-)

And my mixture of Green beans and dwarf beans are growing well to :-)

I wish I could spend more time up here the paths need sorting out to, but for now I have to keep being patient still no news yet as to if we can rent the cottage where my vegetable patch is but hopefully it should be any day now. Iv never felt so much in limbo as we have done these past 7 months.

The sunset tonight as we drove out of the gates was breath taking. I so much want to see it every night from here and hear nothing but the wind in the trees, the birds and the sheep and the tractors rolling by. I will keep dreaming for now and hope it will be a reality real soon.

Have a lovely week everyone from a proud vegetable patch girl :-)

Until next time bye for now

Dee xx


  1. wow how exiting! :D what a haul! your leeks are huge!
    I never knew cucumbers could be prickly

    1. just came back to check on my comment as it said this morning it hadn't posted it! Oh well :) xx

  2. I am excited for you there is nothing like the feeling of your first crop, growing nurturing and then eating natures produce. Enjoy!

  3. Hi Delia, looking forward to reading your blog, well done on your produce, hopefully I will have some in a few months x

  4. Hello Dee. Totally impressed by your produce ! Our cucumbers are really prickly too ! It is a wonderful feeling to grow your own produce and know that to some extent you are self-sufficient and not having to rely on the big shops. I hope you enjoy your goodies x

  5. Congratulations on the courgettes, Dee! The veg patch looks fantastic. xxx

  6. I would love to eat all the vegetables you produce, not so sure about the hard work.
    Thank you so much for your visit seweet Dee. Don´t you ever forget me, ahhhhhhhhhhh

  7. Well done! I grew a bumper crop of courgettes once but Jon hates them, even the tortoise went off them in the end! xxxx

  8. Wow! what a bumper crop of veg it all looks yummy
    Julie xxxxx

  9. Congratulations on your first 2 courgettes, you're well on your way to the next hundred!

  10. How wonderful! I love your banner and happy blog! Sweet hugs, Diane

  11. And so you should be, love homegrown fruit and vegetables
    Fondly Michelle