Monday, 14 September 2015

The Carrot tops were talking and more

Hi Everyone,

well its a very grey and wet day down here in Somerset this morning but hopefully it will be good for the allotment and the vegetable patch and hopefully my seeds I sowed over the weekend wont get flooded out. We spent 5 hours at the vegetable patch on Saturday weeding all the path's and the vegetable beds it was looking a little untidy compared to my allotment. I also had to support my brussel sprout plants with canes as they were starting to lean but you can actually spy little buds starting to appear so I may have some Brussels to pick xmas eve yet :-)

As my carrot tops were looking huge I couldn't resist digging one up and I was so chuffed it was straight although small but perfect.

I then they started talking to me pick another they said so I did ;-)

And I swear they were laughing at me when I pulled the next one up V for victory maybe ;-) they went into a casserole yesterday and were so sweet.

My Peas are looking great and they have now started producing pea pods I am so pleased hopefully in another couple of weeks I will be shelling peas :-)

My cucumbers are still growing strong to I hope they keep growing especially now its getting cooler I have 3 chunky ones doing well and some smaller ones to.

My Brussels are now supported with canes and producing some little Brussels on the stems to tiny yet to photograph.

My lettuces are a bit small still here at my Vegetable patch as you can see here..

But at my allotment well its a different story they are growing huge and are so tasty

I am really pleased with these and will defiantly grow these again next year i still have lots of seeds left they are called Canasta they are Italian and part of  the Bavicchi range.

My herb bed at the vegetable patch is doing really well and I planted another herb its called Basil Mint and can be used the same way as normal basil for sauces etc it smells gorgeous and I am hoping it will settle in well.

I also planted some lovely red spring onions I have never seen these before but they are a bit sweeter in taste to the white ones. I planted these in my vegetable patch and also down my allotment to.

These are hardy for the winter so it will be nice to still have things still growing over the cold months.

I also did some sowing of winter spinach and yellow onion Radar bulbs up at my Vegetable patch and down the Allotment I have sowed some Winter Density lettuces these again are hardy for the winter months I will cover them up with a poly tunnel when it turns really cold but it will be great to still be growing during the cold months. I also put in the ground Red onion bulbs Electric these are again a winter growing variety.

And in my little green house I have sowed some old fashion sweet peas these smell divine well they will once they are in flower next year :-) This is a winter growing variety ready to plant out next year.

Last week i made some brown sauce with left over green tomatoes i was given i didn't quite have enough so had to add some red ones but it doesn't change the flavour or texture its  a recipe i use every year and its lovely, spicy and tasty.

This is the recipe here if you click on the photo's they will appear larger for you.

Both the growth at my Vegetable patch and Allotment are doing great and i am really pleased so far this is my first half year of growing vegetables and i am chuffed so far and although its very hard work its so rewarding and fun i cant wait for my very first full year of growing next year and i have started planning what i will grow will share that some other time.

Little parts of my allotment are looking and growing great

And i think i had better leave you all there before this post gets over loaded with photo's :-)

This may be my last post for a few weeks now as we are off on our holidays to Portugal next Monday its actually my birthday then to. I cant wait for a bit of quality time together in the sunshine :-) My parents are looking after Milly and Kia i just hope they will be ok it will be the first time since having Milly we have left her but she will be in her own home and same routine so fingers crossed. Unless of course we get any cottage renting news then i will of course let you know.

Have a lovely week everyone,

Until Next time Bye for now

Dee xx

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Feeling proud vegetable patch goodies

Hi Everyone,

I am feeling very proud right now, went up to my vegetable patch tonight and just look what I came home with :-)

I just picked my very first 2 courgettes I am so happy and proud I could cry. I grow these plants from seeds and I have loved and nurtured them I cant tell you what a great feeling it is.....

But maybe you can tell by my happy face here :-) Being a vegetarian courgettes are part of my main diet so its great to be able to grow them.  I have a few more growing to.

I also came home with

Spinach leafs that I sowed direct into the ground.

Half a bag full to be exact :-)  I will be cooking this tomorrow with new potatoes turning them into a bit of a curry.

Both my Leeks and Carrots are growing great I cant wait to start pulling these up

My courgettes are still growing and I have 5 more that I could see after I had picked the 2 above. Love the bright flowers on those I know you can eat them but I like to see them in bloom.

Really pleased with my cucumbers I have 6 in total growing strong and boy are they prickly.

My peas are sprouting lovey white flowers now and hopefully the pea pods wont be long :-)

And my mixture of Green beans and dwarf beans are growing well to :-)

I wish I could spend more time up here the paths need sorting out to, but for now I have to keep being patient still no news yet as to if we can rent the cottage where my vegetable patch is but hopefully it should be any day now. Iv never felt so much in limbo as we have done these past 7 months.

The sunset tonight as we drove out of the gates was breath taking. I so much want to see it every night from here and hear nothing but the wind in the trees, the birds and the sheep and the tractors rolling by. I will keep dreaming for now and hope it will be a reality real soon.

Have a lovely week everyone from a proud vegetable patch girl :-)

Until next time bye for now

Dee xx

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Vegetable patching pond making and chutney

Hi Everyone,

well its the 1st September today and the first day of Autumn noooooooo what happened to our Summer i am not ready yet to get the boots and thick jumpers out or ready for the dark nights i am hoping we get an Indian summer for September. I have so much to share with you i have been a busy bee the past week. I was going to make this post a vegetable patch only post but i have finished my pond down at my allotment and couldn't wait to share it with you i have never built a pond before so i am pretty chuffed with it :-) and although its only small it will hopefully attract some of the frogs and  dragonflies that are there.

So from that little car tyre being dug into the ground and lined with plastic sheeting and the pieces of wood taken from a wooden pallet to make a frame over the top of the tyre. I bought a bag of pebbles and then proceeded to make a clay from soil digging a hole into the soil and drenching it with water, i then put a thick layer of the wet mud on top of the wood and used this to lay the pebbles on top this acted as a glue to the pebbles.

I continued until i had covered all the wood and also put some just to the edge on the ground to make it look a bit more level.

And Hey Presto i have a lovely little pond :-) I also dug into the ground a tiny little wooden pallet which allows me to get close to the pond to clean it and also i will put pots of plants onto it so the frogs have a platform to hide.

I have this weekend planted some flowering plants and also some chives, lavender and parsley around and i am really pleased with the way it has turned out and all it cost me was £8 for the bag of pebbles as the tyre was free from a skip and we already had the blue sheeting in the garage and the wood was free also as it came from a pallet.

I have been making my chutney for Christmas this past week to with my green tomato's from the garden i have been making this for a few years now Green tomato and apple spiced chutney its from one of my vintage cook books it needs to mature for a few months but oh boy its lovely with cheese and potatoes.

I did have to add a couple of red tomato's to as i was just a couple short on green ones.

And well its been a while since i spoke about my Vegetable patch but its doing really well and with all the rain we have been having the veg is growing well.

I cant wait to be able to sort the paths out here and stop those pesky weeds but we are still waiting for news as to if we can rent the cottage where my veg patch is but we have been told we should be getting an answer very soon. I do hope so i have felt like we have been in limbo since February.

My leeks are standing tall and proud and looking very strong cant wait until i can pull some up leek and potato soup will be in the making.

My mass sowing of carrots has resulted in these little beauties i did think about thinning them but decided to leave them as they looked more than happy the tops on these now are very long and tall.

The 2 courgette plants i sowed are still producing lovely flowers and also.....

And also some fruit now :-) except when i went up on Sunday something had done this to one

Not sure what has taken a bite out of it there are no holes in the fence so we are pretty sure a rabbit hasn't got in can only think a bird as had a go i am hoping when i go up today nothing else has been attacked.

And my Peas that i sowed direct into the ground and have grown really well and are now producing flowers to :-)

The cucumber plants i sowed are still producing lots of fruit to and boy are they prickly, fingers crossed they continue to grow especially now the weather is cooler and they are growing outside no longer under cover.

The lettuces and brussel sprouts continue to grow the spinach i planted some as gone to seed but i also have 2 plants that seem to be growing well.

So all in all i am feeling pretty encouraged with all that's growing :-) The beetroot is growing slowly as are the spring onions and red onions but the dwarf beans are doing well to will get some more photo's this week.

Due to the rain last week i wasn't able to weed the allotment so that is my job for this week and deciding what to make with all my cherry tomatoes that are growing like mad in my garden.

Just love the brightness of them :-)

Thank  you for your lovely comment on my last post and for taking the time to stop by and read my little space.

Until next time bye for now,

Hugs dee xx