Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Vegetable Patch Weeding, Growing and Making

Hi Everyone,

thank you for taking the time to visit me here for reading and leaving your comments I really appreciate it.

So this weekend saw my best friend and myself visit our local flower show it was great seeing all the vegetables and flowers in the main tents and to what and who came first. I viewed some of the biggest and longest leeks I have ever seen how they grow them like that I have no idea. I forgot to take photo's of those sadly. We enjoyed a nice couple of hours and I treated myself to some seeds from a couple who produce their own. What really grabbed my attention was the wonderful and sweet packaging and the wonderful descriptions and history on the backs of the packets. I asked the seller about the best beef tomatoes would be to grow and he recommended Accordian Pink ruffled they look just like pleated petticoats but have the sweetest flavour I was told. Here is what I bought..

Cherokee Trail of Tears French climbing beans in fact it was the lovely history on the back of these that made me want to be a little part of their growing history. In 1838 in USA Cherokee Indians made a forced march from across the plains from Georgia and it became known as the Trail of Tears. This heirloom has been passed down the generations. Its an incredibly vigorous handsome plant, very tasty as a fresh bean and if dried is small, black and very flavourful.

I also bought Koralik Red Cherry tomatoes which is a Polish and Russian Heirloom. Its a bush plant and yields a very heavy and sweet tasting tomatoes.

Thomas Laxton Tall Peas. These were first produced in 1898 and named after Thomas Laxton who is considered the greatest Pea breeder ever. Its a wrinkled variety but very reliable with very sweet tasting pea's.

And the last packet I bought were a packet of colourful wild cornfield Meadow mix for my little wild garden area it contains corncockle, corn chamomile, cornflowers, corn marigolds, scented mayweed, field forget me not, corn poppys, opium poppy, night flowering catchfly, wild mustard, field Pansy, plus a few other bits ad pieces all 100% British. Cant wait to plant these next year the bee's and butterflies are going to love them to.

You can also buy online from this lovely couple here at pennardplants.com

I also made some bunting for my allotment to try and keep those pesky pigeons off my crops. I bought a waterproof apron in our local £ shop.

And drew a template out of card and then cut out a load of triangles joined them all together and sewed them using the machine.

I had enough for two lots and then hung them across my crops and so far so good. And for a £1 and a little bit of time they look pretty to as well as being practical.

On Sunday my husband, Myself and my hounds spent 4 lovely hours up at my Vegetable Patch the sun was shinning the radio was playing and Milly and Kia were happy walking around and digging. I cant believe where all those weeds come from each bed was full of them especially the carrots.

The Leeks were pretty full to

This is me in mid flow weeding it was so satisfying afterwards to sit back and to see nice clean beds :-)

Once the Red onions and Spring Onion beds were weeded I thinned them all out and re planted them I also took a few of each and planted them down at my allotment.

My Beetroot that I sowed just over 2 weeks ago is now showing itself so fingers crossed these continue to grow and get strong.

My Peas I sowed are now looking thick and strong :-)

My Carrots are looking strong to I have decided not to thin these though I am just going to leave them alone and see what happens I did take a few down to my allotment and spread them out so it will be interesting to see which grow the best.

And what I am most excited about is that my courgettes I grow from seed finely have 2 courgette growing I am so pleased I was grinning from ear to ear when I spotted them :-) There are plenty more female flowers to which should result in many more growing to.

If you click on the photo it will appear larger

And this is what my lovely patch was looking like after all out hard work of weeding :-) The leeks, carrots, courgettes, cucumbers which I have now left un covered to see if the light now helps them to grow after being in the clouch frame, My mass of lettuces which I am leaving also ( although I did replant a few out in another bed ) are all doing well.

The only problem I currently have at my Vegetable patch are caterpillars on my Brussel sprout plants so I did pick them and the eggs off and spray them so hopefully they will now stay away. Down at the allotment I have whitefly but it seems to be everywhere down there.

And after all that hard work...

Kia looked and felt just like we did Content and Happy :-)

This week I am planning on doing some more digging down at the allotment I will up date you on its progress next time. This coming weekend we are taking our little vintage Caravan Bertie on a little weekend break to our favourite place. The sea is calling us all and a rest to....

Have a lovely week everyone until next time...

Bye for now

Dee xx


  1. Your allotment is coming on a treat, lots of yummy goodies. They taste so different fresh from the ground. Love the bunting, I'm off to £1 land to seek out some aprons!
    Enjoy your weekend by the sea
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Oh Dee you really know your stuff! You've worked so hard...what an achievement to see those wonderful vegetables. Always am inspiration to me, Mandy xxx

  3. All looking fabulous lovely. Loads of love and hard work gone it to it I can see.
    It's been a good growing season so far even though everyone has been complaining about the lack of hot sunshine. To be honest, I like it when there's a drop of rain to water everything.
    Have a wonderful time out and about with Bertie.

  4. All that hard work is certainly paying off. I love the bunting - I was next to a lady last week who makes it from broken roller blinds she's been given - waterproof and free! Kia is gorgeous. xxx

  5. All your hard work is paying off, Dee! The veg patch is looking fab, and it's good to hear the passion in your writing about it. Those seed packets and the history behind the varieties of seeds is fascinating. Now go and have a good break, you deserve it! xxx

  6. if only bunting worked on slugs and snails! My broccoli gets chomped by caterpillars every year but it just grows new leaves and carries on growing.

  7. What a great allotment, loved the bunting. The name of your caravan made me smile that is the name of my eldest grandson, Bertie.