Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Making holiday memories and other things

Hi everyone,

this past weekend saw us taking a mini weekend break in our little vintage caravan Bertie. We set off Friday to our favourite place in Devon, Saunton Sands. We had 3 days of making wonderful memories. Beach walking, exploring Braunton burrows, finding shipwrecks, meeting nature and breathing in all the wonderful fresh air. Our evenings were spent reading, playing cards and just relaxing, it was simply lovely but over far to quickly.






And then the gorgeous coast line is waiting at the end of the road to greet you, you can walk for miles when the tide is out. Explore further and boats and shipwrecks await you along with quiet and unspoilt beaches truly beautiful.


And the girls well they loved every minute running free on the beach :-)

Last week before we went away I spent some time down the allotment and I met my friend there who offered me some of her blackcurrants I was welcome to pick as many as I wanted as she had far to many so I spent a lovely hour picking away and came home with 4lbs worth in weight :-)

So I washed them and decided to make Blackcurrant cordial and I have to say it was the messiest thing I have ever made but oh boy so tasty :-)

Washed and weighed, and boiled them slowly, drained the fluid off the fruit and then added sugar and citric acid and hey presto after a bit of mess...

I have 4 lovely bottles of blackcurrant cordial and I have to say although its thick its so very tasty mixed with fizzy water.

Sunday evening after our return home we went up to Hazelemere and my vegetable patch I have to say its looking great and everything seems to be growing well, will share photo's on my next post and give a better description of what is growing.

But out of the brambles I was given a lovely welcome home gift of ever lasting sweetpeas :-)

And yesterday my blackberry bush in my little garden had produced more lovely fruit which I filled another large Pyrex dish full which have now been washed and currently in the freezer until I need to make jam again.

And this morning I picked my first tiny tomatoes from my garden this year I grow yellow and red ones and I must say the yellow ones have the sweetest flavour.

My lovely friend also gave me one of her courgettes from her allotment which had grown huge I will be making ratatouille later :-)

Along with some her spring onions they have since been put into a cheese and onion tart.

And think I had better end there as this post seems to be getting a bit photo heavy. I have so much to share with you about what's growing down on my allotment and the changes we have made there and also what's been growing up at my vegetable patch but will save that for next time.

Its my beautiful girl Kia's 12th Birthday today and she will be having a roast chicken dinner for her tea tonight :-) So I will leave you with my last photo of my gorgeous girl.

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my ramblings,

Until next time bye for now,

Dee xx


  1. Gorgeous post, lovely and some beautiful photos. I do love Bertie's interior...always makes me smile.
    Yup..blackberries everywhere. I can't stop picking them and I'm not sick of them yet! I may have to try cordial, I bet it's yummy.
    Happy birthday, Kia!
    Catch up soon.

  2. Bertie looks so cute and cheerful. I've never made blackcurrant cordial. Maybe I'll have a go next time my mum gives me currants. Helen

  3. Looks like everyone had a great time, especially the girls. Lots of blackcurrents, and blackberries. Your Blackberries are early, mine are just going black. I love everlasting sweetpeas.
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. What a wonderful trip. Love to see your photos. xxx

  5. I love a photo heavy post! Saunton is gorgeous, we used to go there when I was a child. Bertie's certainly earning his keep and looks fantastic, a regular home from home.
    I made blackberry vinegar last year as I'm not keen on sweet things. its absolutely delicious on fresh tomatoes. xxx

  6. I love your beautiful caravan, again the name Bertie made me smile. Looks like a great break away. The cordial looks a real delight, must put that on my list of makes.

  7. It looks like a fabulous trip, what a beautiful part of the world. And Bertie is a star!
    Blackcurrant cordial, mmm. Although I would say that's no courgette, it's a marrow - the skins get tough when they get as big as that! xxx

  8. Beautiful pictures of your trip. Bertie is so sweet. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.

  9. Oh Dee I love your caravan! It must have been lovely to get away and just relax...you work so hard.

    Preserving is something that I've yet to learn. I had a very bad result with some plum jam I made and really haven't bothered again. Like I said before...always an inspiration! I love your kitchen items too :)