Monday, 24 August 2015

Allotment Vision, building and growing

Hi everyone,

well its another wet and grey day here I think the sun decided to take a holiday for our summer this year. But must not grumble. Thank you to those that took the time to leave me some lovely comments on my last post and thank you to those that join me and read my weekly ramblings :-)

Well this post is about the going's on down at my allotment I have now dug over 3 quarters of my 90 foot plot cant believe I have done it to be honest the digging that is on my own. ( I suffer with fibromyalgia so this is a massive achievement for me )  But all the extra aches and pain have certainly been worth it :-)

So this weekend my lovely husband and myself started building the middle part of my little vision which was my wildlife and natural garden area of my allotment in the middle of my plot as its such a long plot I wanted it broken up with flowers and a pond and twisty path I draw a plan but had it all in my head and knew just what I wanted. I rescued an old car tyre from a skip for a pond and well I will show you the photo's. So through the rain and the mud we set to it...

First off we built a very large box frame for me to grow my potatoes in and we dug some compost in to help feed the soil.

We dug into the ground the tyre I had found we kept the inner section in as we couldn't remove it

Covered it with blue sheeting as you can see its not huge but frogs will enjoy it I am sure.

We then started building the platform for the little plastic greenhouse I had bought

And started putting the greenhouse frame together

And then hey presto I now have a lovely little greenhouse.

We then put a ground sheet underneath the decking planks and also under the shelves which should prevent the weeds from growing. I kept some soil and edged it with a piece of wood to give me a border, next year I will grow my tomatoes and cucumbers into the ground there. And I have a lovely shelve to sow my seeds and I will also be able to grow vegetables in pots under the shelves. And it also acts as a place to store my small collection of work tools :-) And best of all it cost me £8 in the Wilkins sale the timber and decking were free from my neighbour as she was throwing it out.

We then built a wooden frame around the pond area and put a little path of hexagon slabs from the edge of the grass along to the greenhouse we bought these from our local rubbish tip they cost me £8. To the left of the path I dug over the soil which is going to be part of my wild life area I am going to be sowing wild plant seeds here.

We then built another box frame a longer one which I will either grow my peas or sweetpeas in next year. I also built another metal arch to help define the space and give me another entrance and to help the long plot flow this cost only £5 in the wilksons sale. I will grow I think Jasmin or honey suckle up and over it to give off a lovely scent.

We then built a little patio area by the side of the greenhouse and I bought my little wire bench down from my garden as it doesn't get used its facing the apple and cherry trees and will be a nice little area to take a break in. I will put little pots of flowers around there also to make it look pretty.

We built a path between the potato bed and the wild flower bed so I can walk and weed easier. This will be filled with Bark when I can afford it.  As you can see here it its now a proper little separate garden on its own almost.

This is the pond area its looking a little sad at the moment. To the right of the pond is a tiny wooden pallet which we dug into the ground to give the wildlife a platform I will put pots of flowers on it so they have somewhere to hide and it will also look pretty to. Instead of buying big rocks to go around the pond which I couldn't afford we have decided to cut up and use some of the wood from a pallet to build a frame to house the white pebbles I did buy. This is a work in progress and hopefully next week I can show this area finished. I cant wait to see a little frog doing the back stroke :-) I will plant this with flowers to attract the bees and butterflies there are also lots of beautiful dragon flies down here to. I am planning on building a bug garden to out of bricks, wood, fir cones anything I can find really which doesn't cost anything ;-)

I ordered some potato tubers from Pennard plants Charlotte and Gemson both can be planted out now ready for a crop of Autumn new potatoes. They both take 14 weeks to produce.

So in they went into my potato bed ( sorry for the blurred photo ) 15 cms deep and the same apart. Fingers crossed I will get a little crop later in the year each bag contained 10 tubers.

My lettuces that I thinned and planted here from my vegetable patch have taken well and seem to be growing nicely. Please don't look at the weeds I need to get rid of them this week. And one of the 2 brussel sprouts I also took from my vegetable patch seems to be doing ok to.

My carrots that I also bought down from my vegetable patch have taken well and so have the weeds I will be getting rid of those this week.

The broccoli is growing  but the peas are struggling here not growing as quickly as they are at my vegetable patch. Yes more weeds here that need digging out pesky little things.

We have built a little net frame around my cabbages to help keep the pesky pigeons and white fly out.

But there seems to be more weeds in here than anything else they will be coming out this week to.

I currently have growing down my allotment now Brussel sprouts
Spring and red onions
Spinach and beetroot
And now new potatoes to

Will let you know of their progress in the coming weeks.

And so after a weekend of getting wet and covered in mud the second stage of my allotment build is nearly complete just need to finish the pond and then bark the area between the patio and the pea bed and then the fun part starts being able to sow flowers and plant this area up :-)

And so from my little very long allotment space I will say goodbye but I will just say that I have some serious growing to share next week from my lovely little vegetable patch and with all the rain we have been having I haven't been there for the past few days so I am sure those courgettes should be much bigger now.

Thank you reading until next time,

Bye for now

Dee xx


  1. What I want to know is where do you find the energy, I look at our garden and think well its got be done! You have worked really hard, it is wonderful, can't wait to see it on full flower and veg! You know what I would put under the seat.... camomile, a camomile lawn.......

  2. Oh Dee....everything looks so wonderful! Like you I suffer from mialgia....even though they have not formally diagnosed me yet :0( so I know how hard it must have been for you to dig and work in your garden. Remember to take long breaks in between :0) what an inspiration you are Dee....

  3. Impressive, its really starting to take shape. Love the idea of a small pond and so clever to use the tyre. Good luck with it all.

  4. Well done, you've worked so hard!

  5. All is coming together nicely and plants are growing apace. I've not been weeding our patch this last couple of weeks and my weeds are looking a lot bigger than yours! I hope the warmer weather lasts so your crops grow to maturity.

  6. It's coming along nicely, i'm sure you will get wildlife in the pond as ours is only a sink and I've seen 4 frogs in this year

  7. You have worked hard. Looking forward to seeing the frogs enjoying their sweet new habitat! xxx

  8. Gosh Dee you really are working so hard. Just think of all those lovely fresh vegetables you'll be harvesting! Well done lovely xx

  9. Wow...well done, it is all looking amazing! It will be so lovely to watch things grow and flower after all your hard work.
    Helen xox