Monday, 20 July 2015

Polytunnel making and where we are now

Hi Everyone,

thank you for the little comments on my last post and thank you also to everyone that visited but didn't comment. Its a little difficult to write about the vegetable patch when I started it 2 weeks yesterday but I want to bring this blog up to date today with what's happening there now. So its time to open the gate and get started.

Please can we come in mum.....ummmm no sorry girls last time you were in you decided it would be great fun to dig.

So the first week after we had built the box frames and I started planting I decided that I needed a poly tunnel for my pepper plants so I bought some plastic sheeting and we had some white plastic pvc sheets that were left over from the skirting that we used on our caravan Bertie last year. Its great because it bends. We had to screw to pieces together each time to form the height I needed. We then attached the plastic sheeting to it with screws. we had 2 plastic poles which we wrapped the sheeting to at the bottom and again secured it with screws. We then put some little blocks of wood on the top to allow me to rest it on top to enable me to water the plants. It cost us £4 for the sheeting and that was it and we still have more left to make another if we wanted. And then a couple of bricks just hold it in place .

A cheap and cheerful poly tunnel but it does the trick :-)

Last weekend we spent the day cutting back and strimming all the long grass that was attached to the wire fence that surrounds my little vegetable patch it took some serious digging and pulling  I can tell you but between the two of us we managed it but found some holes in the fence so hubby took time to mend the fence to. It looks so different now and much cleaner.

If you look at this photo you can view all the long grass around the outside of the fence it was all tangled into the wire to.

And this is the after photo as you can see we can now walk all the way around the outside of the vegetable patch and I no longer have grass or brambles poking inside my veg patch :-)

This weekend I spent yesterday weeding all the beds its amazing how quickly those pesky little things can build up in those beds. The only beds I left are the carrots, onions and lettuce beds as the vegetable shoots need to be a little stronger before I go digging in there. And my hubby dug and cleared away all the weeds from the little path that runs around the beds its looking much sharper now :-)

A nice weed free Path ready to put cardboard and bark on top when we get the nod.

As for the vegetables that I planted well there doing really well :-) My peas and bean seeds that I planted into the beds have now got leafs and are standing tall and proud.

I may just have to move a couple when there a little stronger so they are close to the sticks and more even.

This is just one of the courgette plants that I grow from seed but its produced lots more flowers in the past few days :-)

I have 4 cucumber plants that I again grow from seed never have done so before. This is the best one out of them all and currently has 3 flowers. 2 of the other plants are looking good also but the other one is looking rather sad but I if I even manage to have 1 cucumber then I will be very happy.

This the Carrots on day 14 since I planted them they seem to be doing ok weeding this bed will have to wait until they are a bit stronger and I can thin the carrots out.

I have lost 1 brussel sprout plant but as you can see the others are strong and growing daily it seems :-)

And as for the lettuces a huge lesson learnt here I didn't realise how strong or that each seed I planted would take hold. I have some serious thinning out to do here when their roots are a little stronger.

I have since planted some flowers in the flower beds and also herbs in the herb bed but I will share those next time. So really we are now up to date.

And after all that hard work we sat under the trees enjoying the sunshine and enjoying the view of my little vegetable patch and its daily transformations.

Bye for now until next time...

Dee xx


  1. You do work hard! Love the girls and am lusting after that blue and green deckchair. You need a can of gin and tonic to quaff after all that digging! x

  2. Its looking great Dee
    Julie xxxxx

  3. Oh Dee, it's great to hear from you again and I'm so happy for you, living out your dreams in what is going to be a wonderful home for you and your family. All the best with your edible garden. Those courgettes are really going to take off, I'm sure.

  4. Hi, it looks like you've worked so hard, and your veggies are coming on a treat! You must be very proud!
    I hope you do well at the fair.
    Best of luck to you all x