Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Its Day 23 on Dee Dees Vegetable patch and a Quandary

Hi Everyone,

well we had a fabulous weekend even though we had rain and sunshine we didn't let it dampen our spirits. And Bertie our vintage caravan was given a lot of love and appreciation, for some he was a memory trip for others he was inspiring and for us well we were just really pleased that people loved him as much as we did and we felt very proud.

In my little garden my blackberry bush I planted last year has grown into a monster size plant and is producing lots of fruit which are huge much bigger than the fruit we normally pick from the hedge rows. I picked a lovely basket full yesterday ready to make some blackberry and apple crumbles today I will make a few to freeze also.

So many fruit turning still

All this rain has been good for the vegetable patch and things are growing really well I had a few ants on my courgette flowers last week and a few flowers had dropped off last night but the ants were no longer there and I have new flowers forming so hopefully one will turn into a real courgette that I can use in the kitchen having 2 plants I am hoping at least one will provide me with something :-)

The dwarf beans I planted are starting to look nice and bushy and I am pleased with their progress so far its now day 23 for them.

And the peas I planted are also looking nice and strong to :-)

The spinach that I sowed into the ground 16 days ago has now started to poke through the ground I am really pleased and hope this continues to grow.

The cucumbers are still under their cloche frame but seem to be producing lots more flowers so I am hopeful I will get a cucumber to use to I have 4 plants so fingers crossed.

The red onions, spring onions, leeks, lettuces and carrots are growing well and the carrots and lettuces will soon need thinning. And the brussel sprouts well there growing tall and strong

My little squash plant now has a flower out so there's hope here to :-)

So my little vegetable patch is now taking shape nicely and actually looks like a vegetable patch :-)

But I am in a quandary we still have had no news as to if we can rent the cottage that my vegetable patch is in the grounds of. The bank seems to be taking forever to make their decision. ( The cottage is being brought as a buy to let for us from a family friend of the owner its so complicated ) We have been in limbo for 5 months now and I am starting to lose heart. I have to rely on my husband to drive me up to my little vegetable patch as I don't drive so I cant just potter like I want to and weed when I need to. I have my allotment space which I can walk to and I could be independent there but the owner of the cottage and my husband said to start my vegetable patch up at the cottage as it would have been foolish to start it at the allotment because when we were at the cottage I wouldn't be able to tend to it.( so it did make sense) Its all so complicated and frustrating for me. I really want to build a compost heap and have a few wooden pallets and I also bought a lovely little black iron arch in the sale that I wanted to put over my gate so I can grown sweet peas and beans up it or roses to give a nice entrance to my little patch.  I would also like to build a little pond from a car tire but feel I cant do any of this until I know for sure if we have the cottage to rent. Part of me wants to take my veg patch to my allotment which is just waiting for me to wave my magic wand over it. I was given it the same time I was offered the patch of land at the cottage I dug half of it over and covered up some with sheeting to help keep the weeds down. I just don't know what to do for the best and I know patience is always the best policy and I know what will be will be but all this waiting is just so frustrating.

But anyway that's my little quandary.....

Thank for all the visits to my little blog and for those that do decide to leave a comment thank you.

After a weekend of sunshine and heavy rain and my little quandary I am still smiling..

Have a lovely week

Hugs dee xx


  1. Dee...don't lose heart. Remember everything works when it is supposed to! :0) your vegetables are growing marvelously :D

  2. Your little patch is looking fabulous! So much growing. I really like the set out of it as well, it's very pretty :)
    Oh dear, I don't envy you your quandary. It's so frustrating when you're waiting for other folks to get on with things. When you do move into your cottage, will you be able to visit your allotment easily, or will you have to give it up?
    I'll shall keep things crossed for you. You've worked so hard. Hugs x

    1. Hi, thank you. Yes I can still keep my allotment if I wanted to I am holding onto it in case the cottage doesn't come off and then I will still have my own space to grow vegetables as currently there is nothing there its just a blank canvas my husband has said he will help me move everything from my vegetable patch down to my allotment. So at least I will have a space either way. I just have to be patient a bit longer. Thank you for taking the time to leave your lovely comment and for the hug. x

  3. Wish my blackberries looked like yours. They are really early where you live, mine are still very green!
    Hope it all comes right with the cottage, all that work you have put in with the veg patch hope it won't go to waste
    Julie xxxxxxx