Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Hello and Welcome


if you are reading this thank you so much for joining me here in my new little space. I will be writing a proper blog post later this week and will start sharing the building and planting of my first ever vegetable patch with you. With its highs and lows I am sure there will be many. I have always grown a few vegetables in my little garden but never on the scale I am able to do now. I would also like to share my love of Nature, my greyhounds and the beautiful woodland and beach walks we share, our adventures in our Vintage caravan Bertie, the transformation of hopefully our new home and obviously a bit of vintage will be thrown into the mix to.

I hope you will enjoy my little space and look forward to you popping in. I thought long and hard about which photo to post first and decided to share this little picture that was drawn of me and my hounds Milly and Kia and given to me as a wonderful gift yesterday by a talented friend for looking after her hound. It says so much about me and my life right now, always found in wellington boots with the dogs and outside enjoying nature :-)

Hope to see you all soon

Hugs Dee xx


  1. .........Hello DeeDee's Vegetable Patch Diary's and Other Tales.
    Julie xxxx

  2. Hello, I've come over from your other blog, I look forward to reading more about your new (hopefully, fingers crossed) house and veg garden.

  3. Hopped from someones blog into your new blog - good luck in your new home. I look forward to reading

  4. Good luck in your new house. It looks beautiful.

  5. Looking forward to the next chapter Dee xxx