Thursday, 30 July 2015

Drying flowers and seeds and allotment news

Hi Everyone,

I know 2 posts in one week but I have been drying a few flowers from my garden this week ready to make little presents for Christmas I know I cant believe I just said the C word but forward planning and all that :-) I wanted to share them as they looked so pretty.

My orange roses have been growing really well this year they are such a gorgeous shade so thought they would like lovely dried they also have that wonderful old fashioned English Rose smell.

So I picked a few flowering heads and then peeled the petals off gently

And then put them onto a tray on top of some kitchen roll. I just love the colours when there displayed like this.

I then picked 2 of my hydrangea heads there are so many tiny flowers on these its amazing once you start snipping them off.

Just look at those gorgeous tiny flower faces :-)

Again i lay these on a tray on top of some kitchen roll.

Next I cut some of the flower heads off one of my Mint plants the smell is gorgeous.

I tied them up with string.

I have also been drying some of my Chive flowers and was able to put all those little black seeds into a paper envelope ready to sow next year in the vegetable patch.

So once all the flowers and petals were ready I carefully carried them into my summer house to dry over the next few months :-) I usually dry things in the airing cupboard but wanted to try the summer house this time and see if they hold their colour better.

This week I decided that I didn't want to let my allotment go to waste and all the digging that I started on it a few months ago deciding to build my vegetable patch instead. So i am now in the process of building my box frames to give the long stretch of land some shape and depth and drawing up some plans i will share the progress with you next week along with the ever changing growth at my vegetable patch.

Have a wonderful week and weekend,

Bye for now

Dee xx


  1. Dee, your hydrangeas heads are the loveliest color. My goodness, I'm a bit jealous since mine are white and I wanted color, but I'll take white since when they dry, they are a lovely shade of pink :0). Thinking ahead is a very good idea :0)

  2. And what will you make with the flowers and petals? The blooms look beautiful.

  3. Did you know you can dry hydrangea heads as they are? Are you going to make something special?
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. The colour of those roses is just gorgeous Dee! And I love your Bush radio :) What will you do with your dried flowers? Make pot pourri? x