Thursday, 16 July 2015

Day 1 on Dee Dees Vegetable Patch

Hi Everyone,

thank you for joining me here from my old blog you could say I have been on quite a journey since I starting blogging 5 years ago and lots has changed for me. Vintage will always be a way of life for me but instead of selling it so much I am just going to enjoy the peacefulness it gives me within my own home using it all myself  and just keeping our home decorated to a times past as that's where I am most comfortable. I grow up in the country and although I did appreciate it when I was younger now I am into my 40s I embrace it even more now and I do struggle living so close to town and so do my hounds Milly and Kia. Milly cant cope with people Men mostly we think she was mistreated by a male trainer when she was racing she is very nervous but get her into the fields or on the beach and she is a different girl she comes to life with confidence and my old girl Kia is partial sighted and loves the freedom it gives her to. I have made my current garden into a small haven of peacefulness and I love cottage garden plants and tend to let them grow the way they chose enjoying the more natural look. My husband built me a lovely summer house to and its a lovely little retreat where I read and crochet and I suppose you could say hide from the outside world and its fast pace to life. So when we came across Hazelmere I couldn't believe my eyes and its taking a while but fingers crossed we will get there with it. So this brings me to the story of my vegetable patch and allotment space which is currently on hold as we made the decision to start my vegetable patch up at the cottage. Isn't it mad I had a choice of 2 spaces after wanting a space to grow vegetables for so long that 2 come along at once. I have always grown vegetables tomatoes mostly so I can make my chutney for Christmas and brown sauce and pea's and beans and last year peppers to but not on the scale I am able to do now.

So this is where it all starts.........

See that little gate and the wire fence that's to be my little vegetable patch once we had dug ourselves over to it :-)

With a fork, a spade and lots of determination my husband and myself starting taking the grass, brambles and weeds up.

 Along with help from our girls Kia and Milly it was funny we have never seen them digging before but I have to say they were both pretty good :-)

I draw a plan of how I wanted it to be with boxed frames to keep it tidy and easier for me to weed I also would love a brick path around it all but for now that's on hold because of the cost and until we know the land is defiantly going to be ours.

We made a couple of little changes to the plan mostly 2 shape ends and we were able to add another corner space for a herb garden in the bottom left of the picture.

Once we had removed the brambles and grass we got to work building the box frames and giving the whole space some structure. My husband was given some timber from a house he was decorating but we didn't have enough to do it all so decided to buy some decking as it was cheaper and also looked nice and should last a couple of years.

As you can see the middle section is now squared off and gives me space for some pots it also helps with easier access to the beds.

We then started on the lower boxes.

And I forgot to take a photo of this frame empty before I planted in it. but it kind of resembles a boat but the top rounded off end will be for potatoes next year. The soil even though it hadn't been used for over 2 years seemed lovely but we lightly dug in some compost into each area and left it for a few days.

My husband then built me a little gate and re used the netting from the previous gate ( need to keep those pesky rabbits out ). It will be painted in the coming weeks.

I then got planting I had already grown some courgette plants from seeds and 2 had taken well, a whole load of pepper plants and cucumber to. So in those went.

Pepper plants which are now inside a poly tunnel. ( Well tell you about that another time )

I then got my ever growing tin of seeds out and got sowing carrots, peas and beans, spring onions, red onions and lettuces

This is one of my favourite books I have bought its so useful and easy to follow.

So after sowing the seeds and planting up leek plants to and adding some pretty bunting and wind mills to help keep the birds away this is what my little vegetable patch looked like then.

Its changed a lot since then and its now day 11 for me there. And we have since built a poly tunnel for my pepper plants, I now have a cloth frame over my cucumber plants I have since planted leeks, Brussel sprouts, a squash plant, herbs and flowers in my flower boxes. But I will leave you all there and tell you about that in my next post......

Enjoy the rest of your week

Hugs dee xx


  1. You have worked so hard, it is all looking good. I am envious of your space to grow lots of things
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. How fantastic Dee, your living the life I always said I would love but know I wouldn't keep up with but you go girl...loving seeing your new life take's all wonderful looking forward to the next post ASAP xx good luck you two with it all can't wait to see more x

  3. It really is taking shape and you sound so happy! So funny to see your girls digging away too!
    M x

  4. What a lovely garden you are going to have Delia. I started a cottage garden many moons ago, and it just continues to grow and bring me much joy :o) thank you for stopping by the cottage.

  5. Brilliant idea! Love this post and can't wait for further adventures. Such as, will the doggies actually dig thru' to Australia!

  6. Hi Dee!
    I'm here. In a mad flap, busy, busy, but will get back and write a proper comment as soon as I can.
    Lots of love and happy gardening xxx